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Increasing Foreign Ownership of Australia’s Agricultural Supply Chain


There has been a lot of concern about the level of foreign ownership of Australia’s farm land and water resources. For all the carry-on about China in some circles, the biggest purchasers of Australian farm assets in 2019-20 were Canadian pension funds, with Canada accounting for $2.1 billion of the $2.9 billion worth of transactions.

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 04


On the Australian war crimes in Afghanistan


Marxist-Leninists hold that there are two types of war – just and unjust. 
Imperialist wars brutalise soldiers of imperialist armies engaged in foreign wars of aggression and occupations.  In contrast, people’s liberation armies fighting just wars are under the leadership and guidance of revolutionary class ideology and organisation serving the people.

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 03


Frederick Engels: noble protagonist of the proletariat


(These paragraphs have been taken from a much longer chapter in a forthcoming volume.) 

Born November 28, 1820.

Frederick Engels (1820-95) was Marx’s comrade of forty years. Without his mental, moral and material support, Marx might well never have completed even the first volume of Capital
At seventy and with failing sight, Engels worked almost unaided to bring volumes II and III of Capital to publication. Academic critics of ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 02




By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
 December 1,  2020
In his TV appearance in the Philippines  last night, Duterte attacked me in a simplistic and demagogic way that I am in the movement for revolutionary change merely because of ideology and personal desire for power and not because of the people’s just cause and revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation against the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system, ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 01


A Very British Tilt: The UK economy, a plan for meddling in our region, and a pat on the head for Scummo the lap dog


Using the pretext of economic problems arising with the COVID-19 pandemic, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has frozen public sector pay and reduced foreign aid in an attempt to stabilise the crisis-ridden economy. Sunak has maintained he must still find further tens of billions of pounds in tax increases together with spending cuts in the face of the UK economy being 11.3 per cent smaller this year in ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 01


Singapore and the changing balance of regional power


A recent major diplomatic statement from the Singapore Government of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has revealed serious disquiet about United States foreign policy toward the region in recent years.

The development, which rests upon a changing balance of forces and structural changes across the wider region, has already created problems for those supportive of US domination in the region, including Australia.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 29


Just One of Many Reasons Why US Finance Capital Dumps Trump.


For many decades the US dollar has been the reserve currency of the capitalist world.

This has enabled the US Treasury to fund US deficits and debts by just printing more US Treasury Bills and relying on other major countries to buy the Bills in order to gain US dollars for trade purposes.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 28


New book released


The CPA (M-L) has released a new book titled “Fight capitalism’s destructive impact on nature”.
The book is a 120-page compilation of 29 articles relating to contemporary environmental issues taken from our Party’s website from 2017 to 2020.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 27


Solidarity with All-India strike participants


The International Auto Workers Coordination has sent the following message to partiicpants in today's All-India general strike.  The CPA (M-L) endorses the sentiments of the message and adds it own greetings to our Indian comrades.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 25


Raid on CFMEU, just coincidence or police protecting profits?


When CFMEU's NSW Construction Division Assistant Secretary Michael Greenfield was ambushed in his driveway by men calling his name early last Monday, he ran inside for safety. Then they tried to kick down his front door. Only when that failed did they announce they were police. He immediately opened the door. His wife and three-year-old child were also inside.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 23


Goans protest coal rail line expansion


Australia is not the only place where Indian coal giant Adani is facing opposition to its coal and railway expansion projects.

In the small former Portuguese colony of Goa, on India’s south western coastline, tens of thousands of Goans are fighting to stop an increase in coal imports, and their subsequent 350-kilometre transportation by train to steel plants in the neighbouring state of Karnakata.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 23


Biodiversity security requires independence and socialism


Biosecurity, in its broadest sense (incorporating the inter-related human, agriculture, environment and marine health and referred to as One Health) is under serious threat in Australia.
Of course, we are not alone. Globally, protections in place around biosecurity are failing to keep up with the increasing threats. Throughout the entire capitalist world, resistance to regulations by private corporations seeking growth in profits, and demands by finance capital for ongoing reductions ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 22


Galea Conviction: The Far-Right and Class and State Power


The conviction and sentencing of a fascist to twelve years imprisonment in Melbourne for terrorist-related offences may appear to some as evidence that the Australian state has finally taken the problem of the far-right seriously.

There is, however, a great deal more to the problem which has not been addressed. It remains questionable whether the political will even exists to deal with the matter, for a variety of reasons; the ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 22


US to revive First Fleet – or the behaviour of misfits awaiting eviction?


The announcement from a senior military figure in the Trump administration that there are plans afoot to re-establish the US First Fleet was given a mixed reception in the Indo-Pacific region. Taking place at the same time as the annual US-led Malabar joint military exercise, the announcement appeared more as a statement of intention than as a serious military plan.

The area of demarcation for the US First Fleet has ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 20


RAA: Australia and Japan enter the “grey zone”


As Cold War US-led operations and diplomatic rivalries have escalated in the Indo-Pacific region, official military and diplomatic statements have acknowledged they have now reached a 'grey zone' noted as being situated just below the level of open conflict.

Far from being traditional defence and security provision, US-led military planners appear to be inching toward real-war scenarios in the immediate region.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 19


Unite the “House” Against All Imperialism


The so-called “Centre for Independent Studies”, a right-wing neo-liberal think-tank, is far from independent, as a recently published paper calling for a tightening of restrictions on Chinese influence in Australia shows.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 16


Further Covid-19 Outbreak in Adelaide – Front Line Workers Most Affected Again!


Another outbreak of Covid-19 in Adelaide started from a residential hotel, the Peppers in the city centre. 

The hotel was one of many being used as a quarantine centre for Australians returning from overseas. 

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 16


“Welfare”: Punitive measures to be extended


The federal government is set to extend the punitive net of compulsory income management (CIM) over even more Australians.
An element of secrecy surrounds details of the expansion of the cashless debit card (CDC) operated by the private company Indue.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 11


The Internationale, effigies of Widodo mark Jakarta anti-Omnibus Law rally


To keep our readers up-to-date on events inside our near neighbour, Indonesia, we reprint below two reports on the anti-Ombinbus anti-union law from CNN Indonesia.


more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 11


Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: Pacific Island nations and US struggle against China


Information about a recent high-level diplomatic meeting of Pacific Island security leaders has revealed the central importance of the so-called Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD) for US-led regional foreign policy behind the official scenes.

Fears exist about the diplomatic role of China in the Pacific; informed observers have already concluded traditional US hegemonic positions are in relative decline as China has increased its regional influence.

more...- Posted on 2020 Nov 10


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