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Party Discussion Site Now Available
- 2016 Aug 29

The CPA (M-L) recently created a discussion site for the printing of articles that are relevant to the work of the Party, but not necessarily reflective of a considered Party viewpoint, and for the raising of questions of the Party by members and supporters.

This is a moderated website and not a site for endless and pointless posts.

The most recent article is by respected Australian Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen which responds to a view that talking of an impending crisis of capitalism is “crying wolf”.

The article can be found by following this link to the home page of the discussion site:    

Members and supporters are asked to read the “How to use this website” post through a link on the top left hand side of the discussion site’s home page.




Latest Posts

South African revolutionaries call Dutton’s bluff  

Nick G.

The Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania has called on Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to “come to our country and collect all his fellow racists who feel that they cannot live together with normal people and go live where they are accepted in that unbecoming society”.
This follows ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 19

Bougainville: a legacy of unfinished business  


In mid-2019 the Bougainville Independence Referendum (BIR) will take place. The people of Bougainville are very likely to vote for full independence from Papua New Guinea.
The looming BIR has already thrown Australian military planners into disarray; PNG is a strategic part of Australian defence and security provision and ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 16

Biodiversity: Birds of a feather…flock together!  

Nick G.

The preservation of biological diversity is a matter of extreme significance for the future of planet Earth.  As such, it must have the absolute commitment of socialists and other progressive people.
Biodiversity is the condition for the existence of life on Earth.  The connectedness of all things creates ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 12

International Women’s Day  

March 8 is the International Women’s Day.  For more than 120 years on this day working women around the world come together to commemorate and celebrate working women’s long struggles and achievements for the rights of women to economic and social equality and an end to the capitalist exploitation.    ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 07

Organisation is the central aspect of the revolutionary question of arming the masses  

Adam K.

Guns and gun control laws are once again a topic for discussion following the news of yet another mass shooting in the United States, this time at a high school in the state of Florida. It is a topic that sparks a wide range of responses from various ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 06

The Core of The Australian Working Class  
Ned K.
The decision by the multinational corporations to close down the car industry, tyre industry, whitegoods industry and others in Australia struck at the core of the working class.
The Australian Communist 2010 described the core of the working class (proletariat) in the following way:

more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 05

Corporate conspiracy against Port Kembla Coal Terminal workers meets resistance  

Louisa L.

Sixty Port Kembla Coal Terminal workers are fighting for their jobs against a conspiracy involving three of the world’s biggest mining companies.


more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 04

Oakden Aged Care Resident Neglect - The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back?  
Ned K.
On 28 February Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Bruce Lander QC released his Report into premature deaths and neglect at the SA Government-owned Oakden Mental Health Aged Care facility located in Adelaide's north eastern suburbs. Lander's Report labels the mistreatment of residents at the Centre as "a disgrace, ...

more...- Posted on 2018 Mar 03

South Australia: overview in approach to March 17 state election  
Ned K.
As the deadline for the March 17 state elction approaches, a number of features of the South Australian situation require our attention.

more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 27

Statement from the Central Committee on current Australian conditions  

Imperialist rivalries and inroads by Chinese capital into sections of the Australian economy and growing political influence is worrying US imperialism who up to now had Australia’s absolute loyalty economically, politically and militarily. 


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 27

“No to War!” Greek Party calls for unity of Greek and Turkish peoples  

Tensions that only serve imperialist interests are growing between Greece and Turkey.  The Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) has issued a call for the Greek and Turkish peoples to unite against war.​


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 27

Solidarity with Indonesian peasant activists!  

The following statement by the Alliance of the Movement of Agrarian Reform (AGRA) highlights the repression of activists in the struggle for land reform in Indonesia.  The CPA (M-L) stands in solidarity with the Indonesian people.​


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 26

The Levers of Power, the Arc of Influence  

As the US-led struggle to retain traditional hegemonic positions in the Asia-Pacific region intensifies, it is important to study some of the mechanisms used by Washington and the Pentagon to achieve objectives. The matter is particularly relevant with the high-level diplomacy between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visiting President Trump ...

more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 26

The International Situation in Early 2018  

The following comments are extracts from a recent report to the Central Committee of the CPA (M-L).  


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 25

Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2017  


Moves by the Shinzo Abe government in Japan to monitor political debate in Australia about proposed foreign interference laws reveal a great deal about U.S. imperialist  diplomacy toward the Asia-Pacific region.

US foreign policy toward the region is channelled through Japan and Australia and the US seeks to have ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 19

Child care workers’ struggle for recognition and respect intensifies  
Ned K.
Early this February 2018, the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission rejected child care workers union’s claim for significant pay rises for the largely female child care workforce.
The child care workers union’s claim is really about equal pay for women performing comparable value to work ...

more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 13

Militarism in the Asia-Pacific region  


Several recent diplomatic statements and media releases have thrown light upon the wave of militarism sweeping the Asia-Pacific region.
The militarism has not been planned for defensive positions. It is aggressive and based upon real-war scenarios.


more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 07

“Corporate Welfare” – for whose benefit?  
Ned K.
In the last week of January this year, motor cycle manufacturer Harley Davidson announced it would be closing its New Castalloy wheel rim factory at North Plympton in Adelaide's western suburbs in 2019 with the loss of about 160 directly employed jobs and an unknown number of ...

more...- Posted on 2018 Feb 07

Australia, Japan and the drivers of Pentagon policy  

Recent high-level Asia-Pacific diplomatic meetings in Tokyo with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe have revealed widespread concern in Pentagon-led regional decision-making circles.

more...- Posted on 2018 Jan 28

Australia needs full independence for a People’s Australia Day  

Ned K.

26 January 2018 was a magnificent day of struggle by tens of thousands of Indigenous and non - Indigenous Australian people who took to the streets across the country to demonstrate their disagreement with 26 January as Australia Day. The liberal leaning Guardian Australia published an excellent video ...


more...- Posted on 2018 Jan 28

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