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"They are killing us”
- 2019 Jul 21

Call to support Sydney rally on August 3
Colombians and supporters in Australia

It is with great sadness, indignation and powerlessness that we receive each day the terrible news regarding the ongoing assassination of our social leaders while the government remains silent.


CPA (M-L)’s 15th Congress successfully concluded
- 2019 Jun 24

24 June 2019

The 15th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) was recently concluded. The Congress began with the circulation of documents to all members and some close supporters.



For a militant, fighting New Year
- 2019 Jan 01

Greetings to all for 2019 - a year of expanding class struggle and political advances for the revolutionary working class.



Latest Posts

A Cluttered Australia: Hosting US Military Facilities  

(Contributed)                                               24 August 2019

A number of media releases from the Defence Department have revealed a chilling picture of a future Australia hosting endless US military and ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 24

Turkey plays the Russia card to force US imperialism to drop the Kurds  

(The following article is from the International Bulletin of August 2019 published by the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party Turkey/Kurdistan.  We have made some minor stylistic changes.  The article explores the apparent contradictions between the fascist Turkish state and US imperialism over the former’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles.)


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 23

Workers step up industrial action against US multinational O-I Glass  

Danny O.                                                    23 August 2019

Ever drank beer from a stubbie? Poured a glass of wine? How about made vegemite on toast? Well if you’ve ever ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 23

Truth discarded and NSW MPs targeted in anti-abortion media rants  

Louisa L                                                             22 August 2019

Abortion became a crime in NSW in 1900. Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph is cynically spearheading media ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 21

Abortion rights and a corporate bonfire  

Louisa L                           21 August, 2019

The hard right is using the Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill to undermine MPs who don’t fall in line with their authoritarian, patriarchal model. They are particularly targeting NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.
They ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 21

Free Comrade Théo!  
Scott C.                                                  20 August 2019
“Freedom for Théo: Théo El Ghozzi, worker militant, imprisoned for his ideas. On hunger strike since July 22 to demand ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 20

Moves to the right underpin NSW abortion struggle.  

Louisa L                                                     20 August 2019

Easy access to free, safe abortion is the right of every woman.
NSW is the last Australian state where abortion ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 20

Hong Kong – what is going on?  
Nick G.                                           18 August 2019
Developments in Hong Kong call for close and careful analysis.
What are the contradictions that have prompted the ten-week disturbance? Where does responsibility ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 18

Project Greyfin: reshaping the Australian military for greater US interoperability  

(Contributed)                                      17 August, 2019

Military planning by the Morrison Coalition government in Canberra, to implement Project Greyfin, has provided a graphic example of Australia being dragged into US-led regional foreign policy objectives. ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 17

Nepal: Crackdown on revolutionaries won’t solve the country’s problems  

Danny O.                                            12 August 2019

On March 12, 2019 the government of Nepal declared the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) led by Netra Bikram Chand (aka “Biplav”) to be ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 12

Hidden hands behind Japan-South Korea conflict?  

(Contributed)                                  11 August 2019

States foreign policy and military planning for the Asia-Pacific region has been thrown into turmoil with a major diplomatic stand-off between Japan and South Korea (ROK).
Both countries, historically, were ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 11

Silencing Voices of Dissent: Australia and the Repression of Whistle-Blowers.  

Scott C.                                            11 August 2019

As the Fascist Portuguese Empire collapsed due to anti-colonial rebellions in Africa and growing dissent at home, the people of Timor-Leste sought to win ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 11

Port in a storm? Power to the people!  

Finn G.                                       9 August 2019

Labor backbencher Nick Champion has stated that the Chinese lease on Darwin Port should be discontinued and placed in Government hands.
His proposal is related to the ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 09

German court lifts ban on Ernst Thalmann activities  

8 August 2019

We have received news today of the great victory by the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany and the 24 related organisations of the International List in having the ban on memorial events for Ernst Thalmann overturned by a German court.
Leader of the German Communist Party, Thalmann had ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 08

Japan’s July election a set-back for US imperialism  
(Contributed)                                         7 August 2019
The recent elections in Japan have resulted in the ruling right-wing Liberal Democratic Party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe retaining power, but with a reduced majority.
The ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 07

Workers Doing It Tough In Hong Kong  
Ned K.                                              7 August 2019
Demonstrations by thousands of people in Hong Kong have been going on for a few months now.
The demonstrations have been portrayed ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 07

Our German comrades will not be cowed by death threats.  
Comment on a statement released by the MLPD              7 August 2019
Introduction:  Leading comrades of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Germany (MLPD) have faced death threats before, but a recent spike in their intensity is testimony to the ugly far-right atmosphere that is ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Aug 07

Change of PNG leadership and US plans for the region  
(Contributed )                                             31 July 2019
High-level diplomacy between Australia and Papua New Guinea in late July has shown the continued subservience of US political and military leaders ...

more...- Posted on 2019 Jul 31

Outrageous attempt to ban Ernst Thalmann memorial event  

German ML Party calls for letters of protest                     30 July 2019

According to Comrade Monika Gartner-Engel, CC member of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), authorities representing the board of the foundation managing the memorial site for murdered German Communist ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Jul 30

Car industry workers mobilise internationally in solidarity  

Second International Automotive Workers Conference planned for 2020.

There are still six months to go before the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 19 to 23 February 2020. It will be self-organized and prepared and non-party affiliated. Interest in participation is growing worldwide. ...


more...- Posted on 2019 Jul 25

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