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Party Discussion Site Now Available
- 2016 Aug 29

The CPA (M-L) recently created a discussion site for the printing of articles that are relevant to the work of the Party, but not necessarily reflective of a considered Party viewpoint, and for the raising of questions of the Party by members and supporters.

This is a moderated website and not a site for endless and pointless posts.

The most recent article is by respected Australian Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen which responds to a view that talking of an impending crisis of capitalism is “crying wolf”.

The article can be found by following this link to the home page of the discussion site:    

Members and supporters are asked to read the “How to use this website” post through a link on the top left hand side of the discussion site’s home page.




Latest Posts

Productivity Commission’s “fresh approach to workplace relations”  

Nick G.

Productivity Commission Chair Peter Harris has called for the dismantling of current industrial relations infrastructure in order to further intensify the exploitation of Australian workers.

In a speech on November 4 to the Australian Labour Law Association, he called for “Institutional reform in workplace relations – not the ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 29

Fidel will live forever in the hearts of the poor!  

Nick G.

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) joins with progressive and revolutionary peoples the world over to mourn the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro.

Castro led the guerilla movement that overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959. He served as Prime Minister of Cuba for the next 47 ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 28

Will Australian Built Submarines Be Obsolete Before They Are Built?  

Ned K.

Defence manufacturing workers in Australia campaigned strongly for Australia's naval submarines to be built in Australia. The federal government awarded the principal contract to a French corporation whom we are told will build the submarines in Australia. We are told by the government and the successful tenderer that they ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 28

Workers’ wages on a slippery slide as foreign investors take profits overseas  

Ned K.

The daily news cycle of the giant media corporations has attacked the construction workers for winning 5% wage increases each year for the next 4 years in new Enterprise Agreements. 

They use these wins to give the impression that that any group of workers who significantly increase their ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 20

80th anniversary of the Chinese Red Army's Long March  

Max O.

October this year marked 80 years since the successful completion of the Chinese Red Army's Long March, an event of huge significance  for the Communist movement and world history.


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 17

“No!” to Weatherill’s nuclear referendum  

Nick G.

Opposition to SA Premier Jay Weatherill’s push for an international nuclear waste dump refuses to go away.
This is despite the Premier’s war of attrition against SA public opinion.


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 15

Trump's Growth Plan: Borrow Big and Hope  

Ned K.

In the aftermath of the US Presidential election, "Trump's Growth Plan: Borrow Big and Hope" was the heading of a revealing article in the Business Section of the Australian on Friday 11 November 2016. 
It predicted that Trump would try and administer the economy with a big spend, ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 12

Centenary of the 1916 conscription referendum: a significant defeat for the imperialist war  

Max O.

The Australian Government has put enormous effort into commemorating the centenary of the First World War, focusing on our soldier's participation in the Gallipoli invasion and battles on the Western Front. The promotion of the ANZAC legend is to not only glorify past foreign military adventures but to ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 12

Nuclear waste dump: Jay walking on wrong side of the street  

Nick G.

A citizens’ jury of 368 randomly selected South Australians has overwhelmingly rejected the proposal by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission for a nuclear waste dump in SA.


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 07

Full-time jobs harder to find  

Ned K.

The Reserve Bank has recently released its analysis on employment trends in Australia. 
It claims that in 2016 the official unemployment rate declined slightly to 5.6%, and that all of the increase in jobs was part-time.


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 07

Military planning and the Asia-Pacific region: Mini-satellites, major confrontations?  


Recent technological developments resulting in the creation of Australian designed and manufactured miniature satellites reveal far more than scientific advancement for western defence and security planners.

While the new mini-satellites will assist in the struggle for western technological superiority and control of the Asia-Pacific, their use exposes far deeper ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Nov 05

Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) interview on Syria  

The English facebook page of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) has interviewed the comrade in charge of the office of the foreign relations of the Party, Comrade Jaafar Paknia, on the situation in Syria.


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 19

The Civil War in Colombia ends  


“…the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery, and wield it for its own purposes” (Karl Marx, The Civil War in France).

The 50-year old civil war in Colombia is effectively finished.


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Cleaning industry workers fighting for a fair deal once again  

Ned K.

It was in the dying days of the Howard Government's Work Choices that contract cleaners in city office buildings combined together to win pattern collective Agreements which increase their wages by nearly 40% in four years, job security at change of contract and an increase in minimum shift ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Digital Age based on capitalist exploitation of workers  

Ned K.

Hundreds of millions of people rely on computers and mobile phones to communicate for business and recreational purposes. 
Just as the industrialization of the 1800s and 1900s in western Europe and the USA relied on extraction of coal from the ground with great exploitation of workers including premature ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Thousands rally against SA nuclear dump proposals  

Nick G.

On Saturday October 15, four thousand people gathered at Parliament House, Adelaide, to oppose proposals for two nuclear waste dumps in SA.


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 16

"The Fundamentals Are Sound"… Or Are They?  

Ned K.

According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in its September 2016 report, New Zealand's economy is facing severe financial instability due to the banks being "heavily exposed to housing, with mortgages making up around 55% of their total assets. Household debt, at 163% of household disposable income, ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

"Loaded" Hourly Rates - A Disguised Wage Cut  

Ned K.

Friday 30 September's Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported that Fair Work Commission President Ian Ross was looking favourably at "loaded" hourly rates to replace penalty rates on weekends. He was speaking at a “Retail Summit" organised by the AFR attended by retail employer associations, and the ACTU among ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

Australian Economy Trapped in Imperialism's Global Web  

Ned K.

The South Australian regional community of Whyalla is waiting anxiously to see what happens to the main employer of workers in their town, the steel works owned by Arriium. 


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

Protest action at Pine Gap spy base targets US imperialism  


On Sunday morning 2 October, in rounding off a week of national peace and anti-war activities in Alice Springs, 100 people rallied outside the gates of Pine Gap, the US military spy base near Alice Springs singing a new powerful song especially written for the occasion, calling for Australia’s ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 09

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