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      May 2020

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The Henry Jackson Society – the softer sell of a far-right agenda


A recent report from a UK-based think-tank about the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partnership has far-reaching implications for Australia.

While based in highly diplomatic terminology and the product of a society based in the corridors of power at Cambridge University and Westminster, the report, Breaking the China Supply Chain , is little other than a convenient cover of political expedience for the far-right sections of the Trump administration.
more...- Posted on 2020 May 28


Collaery - Drop the charges NOW!


Collaery - Drop the charges NOW!

Australian lawyer Bernard Collaery is being persecuted by the Australian Government for exposing Australia's scandalous role in defrauding impoverished neighbour Timor-Leste of access to and revenue from its own natural resources.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 23


Beware proposed legislation to strengthen state power

A very brief article in an Australian mainstream media outlet about proposals to extend state power has provided evidence the Morrison coalition government in Canberra is committed to implementing draconian powers with the bare minimum of publicity.
As it seeks to strengthen state powers, the issue of security vetting has received virtually no media coverage. It has, however, potentially far-reaching implications for ordinary Australian working people.
more...- Posted on 2020 May 23


Chips and barley wars hotting up


Australian farmers grow potatoes and barley which give us hot chips and beer among other products. Now both are caught up in the intensifying trade wars within the chaotic worldwide capitalist "free trade" economies. China, a major importer of barley from Australia slaps an 80% tariff on imports of barley from Australia, accusing Australia of dumping cheap barley in China to the detriment of barley producing farmers in China.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 23


South-West Pacific being shaped as a US theatre of war


Information about a US-led telecommunications cable project linking the United States with strategically-placed countries in the Indo-Pacific has revealed upgraded regional military planning, directed primarily toward the South West Pacific.

It is important to note the planning made use of other upgraded military bases, linked to sensitive intelligence facilities elsewhere.
more...- Posted on 2020 May 19


JACK MUNDEY TRIBUTE: It’s still right to rebel .... Only struggle availeth.


Australian Marxist historian and author of several books on the Builders Labourers Federation, Humphrey McQueen,  has penned  a well-balanced tribute to Jack Mundey, who died last week.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 18


The case of the Coral Sea Cable, or….


How US-led military planners misused $136m of Australian tax-payers money and PNG and Solomon Islands government revenue.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 17


Economic Crisis Shows Need For Planned Economy


The economic crisis in Australia and indeed the whole capitalist world, magnified by the shutdown of industries due to the Corona Virus, has been a big shock to millions of people.

Millions of people thrown out of work, millions more on reduced hours. This situation forced the Morrison Government in Australia to introduce Job Keeper. Thousands of businesses applied for it and hundreds of thousands of workers received $1500 gross ...
more...- Posted on 2020 May 16


Mundey and Gallagher, two lives in working class struggle


Jack Mundey, former NSW Builders Labourers Federation leader and Sydney Green Bans’ champion who died on May 10, won huge praise in capitalist and progressive media.  

more...- Posted on 2020 May 16


The crisis proves public ownership is needed


The COVID-19 crisis has exposed, yet again, the complete failure of the capitalist economic system to meet the needs of the Australian people.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 12


US mercenaries’ Venezuelan invasion and coup attempt foiled


The recent attempt to remove Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro from office with a US-led group of mercenaries and others associated with the Florida-based Silvercorp USA private security company forms part of a classic return to previous Cold War positions.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 10


Solidarity letter from ICOR to comrades everywhere


To all ICOR organizations
Dear comrades,
I send you greetings of solidarity in difficult times. Our hearts are with the comrades who have lost comrades, family members and friends due to the corona pandemic, inadequate health care, and the oppression of those in power. Our comrades from CPB of Bangladesh mourn Bikash Sahar, who died of COVID-19, Rakhi Das Purkayastha, who died in a hospital in Assam, India, and Surat ...

more...- Posted on 2020 May 09


Behind proposals for a new national security strategy


Proposals by a major government advisory lobby organisation, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), for a new national security strategy should be viewed as a matter of concern by all progressive people and organisations. (1)

more...- Posted on 2020 May 08


Capitalism Develops and Expands in Ironic Ways


The Covid -19 pandemic has caused illness and death on a scale not seen in developed capitalist economies for a hundred years. The shutdown of industries resulting from it has caused further misery for millions of working people thrown out of work for who knows how long. Despite this capitalism inevitably must find ways to extract surplus value and expand sometimes in unexpected ways.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 08


Honour the great Soviet victory over fascism!


May 9 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe. Known for many years as VE Day (Victory in Europe Day), it marked the unconditional surrender of the German Nazis to the Allied forces grouped around the Soviet Union, Britain, France and the United States.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 08


People’s War - People’s Movement: 50 years on


8th May 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Moratorium mass rallies across Australia during 1970.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 08


ICOR resolution 75 Years Victory over Fascism


On 8 May 1945, the Second World War ended in Europe. The Red Army of the socialist Soviet Union defeated the fascist “Third Reich“ and was the driving force for the liberation of millions in the occupied countries, concentration camps and prisons. It made the liberation of entire peoples possible and the construction of people's democracies in Eastern Europe.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 07


Virgin is under foreign control and its debts are crushing workers


Virgin Australia workers are under tremendous stress, grounded, waiting for welfare or facing more layoffs. 
They want government intervention to rescue them and provide air services vital to the country’s people and economy.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 07


May 8th – victory over fascism


The CPA (M-L) joins with all anti-fascists in celebrating the defeat of fascism 75 years ago. We will publish a number of statements over the next couple of days, noting that due to complications with the international date line, the signing of Nazi Germany’s capitulation took place on, and is celebrated on, May 8 in the West and May 9 in the former Soviet Union.

more...- Posted on 2020 May 05


For Communism, for Socialism, but why for Independence?


Just above Warrane, Sydney Cove, in the colony of NSW’s earliest days, a young Gadigal or Cammeraygal woman, Patyegarang, exchanged language with a British lieutenant, William Dawes.


more...- Posted on 2020 May 05


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