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IBM and the Census  

Pat F.

“If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, under the leadership of the Chief Statistician, the Minister, and the Prime Minister, contracted to IBM the task of designing and implementing the 2016 Census of Australia. 




more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 24

Gurindji Freedom Day Festival Celebrates Unity and Commitment  

Nick G.

Ngumpin, kartiya karru-la jintaku-la. 
These words, in the Gurindji language, expressed the theme of the celebrations held to mark the 50th anniversary of the Gurindji Walk-Off from Wave Hill cattle station. In English they mean “Blackfella, whitefella unite as one”.


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 24

Gurindji walk-off at Wave Hill ignited the First Nations' Land Rights movement  

Max O.

A historic commemoration was held at Kalkarindji (600 kms south of Darwin), Northern Territory in August this year to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Wave Hill walk-off by the Gurindji people. This amazing struggle that initially fought for better wages, working and living conditions transformed into the ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 20

US imperialism, Israel and the militarisation of India  


The escalation of India's military capacity provides an excellent means of assessing US-led regional planning. It is not difficult to observe and reveals certain readily identifiable methods of operation: there is little ambiguity surrounding US positions toward India, regarded as a western-backed buttress against China.


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 10

Imperialism is driving the attacks on CUB workers  

Alice M.

Into the eighth week and the 55 sacked Carlton United Brewery (CUB) Melbourne, maintenance workers and their unions, the ETU and AMWU, are standing strong in their long fight to stop the multinational’s attacks on job security and hard won wages and conditions.


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 05

The Future Of The Kimberley - Vestey Revisited?  

Ned K.

The Kimberley country in the north of Western Australia is rich in rugged natural beauty, cultural history and significance to indigenous peoples. Parts of the Kimberley have been taken over by big cattle station owners, mostly foreign owned corporations following in the footsteps of the notorious Vestey in ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 03

Indefinite Incarceration: Habeus Corpus  

Pat F. 
Some years ago, the French armed forces infiltrated a bomb squad into New Zealand and blew up a Greenpeace boat, killing the Greenpeace activist on the boat. The perpetrators were caught and convicted. They had killed a man, destroyed a valuable boat, violated New Zealand’s immigration laws, ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 02

Corporate tax evasion is big business for accounting firms  

Max O.

Corporate tax evasion whistle blower, George Rozvany, revealed recently in July that the big four accounting firms - Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) and KPMG - engage in unethical, fraudulent and aggressive 'tax crimes'.


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 02

Labor Hire Workers: Wage Slavery At Its Worst - But Workers Are Fighting Back  

Ned K.

At a recent funeral of a comrade I attended, her partner mentioned that construction industry labourers, like waterside workers, used to all be on daily hire and that the relative security of weekly hired full time work with paid annual leave and redundancy pay was unheard of for ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 24

US imperialist war drive in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions  


The United States recently launched another satellite over the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. It was not unnoticed and significant for three reasons. The launching of the NROL 37/US 268 model highlighted the continued high-level diplomacy between the US and Australia for 'joint use' of defence and security facilities.


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 21

The Imperialist war on Iraq: John Howard the war criminal!  

Pat F.

The recent Chilcot Report on Britain’s involvement in the War on Iraq in 2003, arrives at the conclusion that Prime Minister Blair based his decision on “defective intelligence”. 

While it is tempting to read this as saying he was stupid, it isn’t saying that. It is saying that ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 19

Questions arising from the Brexit vote.  

Pat F.

Comrade Ned K raised important issues in his discussion of the Brexit. His recommendation to look at the website of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) is very helpful.

At first sight the Brexit vote is startling. Is this the first time parliamentary democracy has wielded real ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 19

Medical Specialists  


(A reader has sent this account of his dealings with medical specialists.  We publish it as a reminder that relations between people under capitalism are based on the ideology of self-interest, and that a socialist transformation of society will make possible the emergence of a truly socialist ideology based ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 19

40th Anniversary of the Sowetan Uprising and Africans still suffer dispossession  

Max O.
Soweto, June 16 1976 was one of the most momentous uprisings in the history of the anti-apartheid struggle. The streets of this township were stained with students' blood, a tragedy that is deeply etched in the minds of dispossessed Africans.


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 14

Ruling class relaxes: parliament set to function again  

Nick G.

The ruling class has a new federal government to carry out its wishes.


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 11

Democratically elected NSW councils sacrificed on the altar of development Part 1  

Jamie C.

On Thursday May 12, the Baird Coalition government dismissed elected councils throughout NSW.


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 09

Democratically elected NSW councils sacrificed Part 2  

Jamie C.

On the 11th June 2015, Save Our Councils (SOC) was formed at the Domain, Sydney. Its website describes it as “a non-aligned network of community groups, residents, business organisations, councillors and mayors from across the political spectrum and across the State publicly committed to preventing forced local council ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 08

Foreign Land Ownership Debate Brings Out the Compradors  

Duncan B.

In his important work Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society written in 1926, Mao Zedong asked the question, “Who are our enemies? Who are our friends?”  He pointed out the need for the revolutionary party to identify the real friends and the real enemies of the revolution ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 07

Brexit: Contradictions between Imperialist States Intensifies  

Ned K.

The recent vote by the people in the UK to exit from the European Union has increased tensions between competing imperialist powers within Europe. Germany and France in particular appear unhappy with the UK vote to exit the EU.


more...- Posted on 2016 Jul 03

May 16, 1966 - 50th anniversary of China's Cultural Revolution  

Max O.

China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution is regularly portrayed by Western media and the current Chinese revisionist leaders and capitalist restorers as a tactic by Mao Zedong to maintain his megalomaniac hold on power with disastrous results for China.

Two books in particular, "The private life of Chairman Mao" ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Jun 11

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