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Party Discussion Site Now Available
- 2016 Aug 29

The CPA (M-L) recently created a discussion site for the printing of articles that are relevant to the work of the Party, but not necessarily reflective of a considered Party viewpoint, and for the raising of questions of the Party by members and supporters.

This is a moderated website and not a site for endless and pointless posts.

The most recent article is by respected Australian Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen which responds to a view that talking of an impending crisis of capitalism is “crying wolf”.

The article can be found by following this link to the home page of the discussion site:   

Members and supporters are asked to read the “How to use this website” post through a link on the top left hand side of the discussion site’s home page.




Latest Posts

Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) interview on Syria  

The English facebook page of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) has interviewed the comrade in charge of the office of the foreign relations of the Party, Comrade Jaafar Paknia, on the situation in Syria.


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 19

The Civil War in Colombia ends  


“…the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery, and wield it for its own purposes” (Karl Marx, The Civil War in France).

The 50-year old civil war in Colombia is effectively finished.


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Cleaning industry workers fighting for a fair deal once again  

Ned K.

It was in the dying days of the Howard Government's Work Choices that contract cleaners in city office buildings combined together to win pattern collective Agreements which increase their wages by nearly 40% in four years, job security at change of contract and an increase in minimum shift ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Digital Age based on capitalist exploitation of workers  

Ned K.

Hundreds of millions of people rely on computers and mobile phones to communicate for business and recreational purposes. 
Just as the industrialization of the 1800s and 1900s in western Europe and the USA relied on extraction of coal from the ground with great exploitation of workers including premature ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 17

Thousands rally against SA nuclear dump proposals  

Nick G.

On Saturday October 15, four thousand people gathered at Parliament House, Adelaide, to oppose proposals for two nuclear waste dumps in SA. One is a low level waste dump proposed by the federal government for Wallaberdina in the Flinders Ranges.  The other is for a high level waste dump ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 16

"The Fundamentals Are Sound"… Or Are They?  

Ned K.

According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in its September 2016 report, New Zealand's economy is facing severe financial instability due to the banks being "heavily exposed to housing, with mortgages making up around 55% of their total assets. Household debt, at 163% of household disposable income, ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

"Loaded" Hourly Rates - A Disguised Wage Cut  

Ned K.

Friday 30 September's Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported that Fair Work Commission President Ian Ross was looking favourably at "loaded" hourly rates to replace penalty rates on weekends. He was speaking at a “Retail Summit" organised by the AFR attended by retail employer associations, and the ACTU among ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

Australian Economy Trapped in Imperialism's Global Web  

Ned K.

The South Australian regional community of Whyalla is waiting anxiously to see what happens to the main employer of workers in their town, the steel works owned by Arriium. 


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 11

Protest action at Pine Gap spy base targets US imperialism  


On Sunday morning 2 October, in rounding off a week of national peace and anti-war activities in Alice Springs, 100 people rallied outside the gates of Pine Gap, the US military spy base near Alice Springs singing a new powerful song especially written for the occasion, calling for Australia’s ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Oct 09

Statement from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)  

This statement from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) offers an overview on key economic and political conditions and tasks.


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 21

Australia: The Looming Crisis  


There is a growing awareness in Australia the country is edging toward an economic crisis.
National income is falling, the economy is slowing. Unemployment has become a serious problem in many areas.


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 20

The Hypocrisy of the Legal Drug Barons  

Ned K.

Recently a worker who works for a large multinational alcoholic beverage manufacturer went to a party on a Saturday night and had a few drinks and consumed another non-alcoholic recreational drug. He went to work on Monday morning and the company drug tested him.


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 19

Disappearing truck driver jobs  

Ned K.
The development of passenger cars that do not require a human driver behind the steering wheel is well-advanced. 
This development is not receiving much opposition from people who hope that such technology will somehow make urban travel by car in particular more appealing. It is not seen as ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 18

The ACTU must respond to challenges to its leadership  

Nick G.
The Australian union movement is under vicious and sustained attack from the imperialists and local monopoly capitalists.  
Some of that takes the form of open, undisguised threats and actions, including the police, the courts and the jails.
Some of it takes the form of disguised “support” designed ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 18

Workers unite in powerful support for CUB 55  

Bill F.

Chanting, “The workers, united, will never be defeated”, and “CUB, Shame! Shame! Shame!” 15,000 workers and supporters marched through the streets of Melbourne on Thursday 8th September. A similar rally took place in Brisbane on the same day.


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 10

Peaky Blinders  

Cecilia S.

I love a good gangster program. I was asking myself why I like them (maybe it’s the hope that they will win against the cops and the establishment) and as I was pondering this question I had another thought, but to put you in the picture, I am ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 08

Gold Stone and Red Dog  

Pat F.

These two Australian films have received favourable reviews and have been viewed by many Australians. They are also, in my view, cheap, nasty, anti-working class propaganda. 

They propagate the view that workers in Australia are ignorant brutes who need to be controlled by police unhindered by the laws ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 06

Book review on temporary migrant workers  

Ned K.

Australian journalist Peter Mares has written a book called "Not Quite Australian - How Temporary Migration Is Changing the Nation". It is worth reading as it provides much information on the challenges that temporary migrant workers face in Australia.


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 05

Changing Nature of Employment in Australia  

Ned K.

There are some predictions by capitalist think tanks like KPMG that 40% of today's jobs will no longer exist in 2025. The common reason given for this is the march of technological change driven by competition between capitalists. Thousands of the jobs that will no longer exist are in ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Sep 05

Construction workers organise against casualisation  

Louisa L.

A tsunami of casualisation and subcontracting is crashing over our country, submerging workers' wages and conditions, and drowning the hopes of most young people for job security and the chance to ever own a home. Casualisation is no accident. Oversupply of labour power, born from inevitable capitalist boom-bust ...


more...- Posted on 2016 Aug 29

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