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CPA (M-L) affiliates to ICOR
- 2019 Nov 09

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) has officially affiliated to the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR). The decision to affiliate was debated and approved by the 15th National Party Congress held in June earlier this year.


CPA (M-L)’s 15th Congress successfully concluded
- 2019 Jun 24

24 June 2019

The 15th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) was recently concluded. The Congress began with the circulation of documents to all members and some close supporters.




Latest Posts

RAAF Tindal Expansion - Serving USA, aimed at China  

The just announced $1.1 billion expansion of Tindal Airforce Base near Katherine in the NT is a further recruitment of Australia into US imperialism’s front line against rival China.

(Some news reports have mentioned $1.6 billion – this because apparently $500 million has already been spent. It's unclear whether the ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 27

ICOR: Bushfire crisis in Australia – willful destruction of the foundations of natural life  

30 members of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR) by February 23 had signed the following resolution on the Australian bushfire catastrophe.  The names of the organisations are listed underneath the resolution.  We deeply appreciate this statement of solidarity with the Australian people by our comrades around ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 27

Big Oil loses another round in Bight fight  

In a stunning victory for community organisations in South Australia, Norwegian giant Equinor today announced it had scrapped plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight.
The announcement, allegedly made on “commercial grounds”, comes just two months after the toothless regulator National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 25

Executive Committee Report February 2020  

The Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the CPA (M-L) recently delivered a report on the international and domestic situation.  Excerpts follow: 


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 25

Lenin monument in the western federal states will be erected - Lenin comes to Gelsenkirchen!  

We reprint below an important and very welcome announcement by the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, the MLPD.  The announcement is a response to recent rewriting of history by the European Parliament and various right-wing governments across Europe to equate Communism with Nazism and to assign equal blame to both Hitler ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 24

Funding cut and 300 year wait shows government is only virtue signalling on wage theft  

Legislation to criminalise serious wage theft proposed by Attorney General Christian Porter late February, comes with almost no teeth. His talk of “heavy penalties” is stranded without enforcers.
With around 25 Fair Work Ombudsman field inspectors across the whole country, the legislation will be little more than a toothless tiger. ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 20

Australia, Indonesia and US control of the Indo-Pacific  

The recent high-level diplomatic visit of President Joko Widodo to Australia has been accompanied by a Department of Defence media release about an upgrade and refurbishment of an airfield on Australia's Cocos/Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, near Indonesia.
The Cocos/Keeling Islands facilities appear central to a longer-term US-led regional ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 19

Coronavirus Consequences Widespread and Highlight Need for Independent Australia  

The Coronavirus issue is now well beyond an issue created by the 24-hour news cycle of mainstream media and "grabs' on social media.

For the Chinese people, especially in Wuhan and Hubei province it must be a terrifying situationfwith the death toll and rising numbers of people with the virus. ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 17

First People’s Cultural Burning vs.Climate Change Deniers  

How does a climate change denialist group aligned with U.S. counterparts and the Shooters Party become “A Proud Supporter of Indigenous Burning Practices”? 
The so-called Volunteer Firefighters Association (VFFA) has for years promoted climate change denialist and scientist David Packham. Packham developed and promotes ‘aerial ignition burns’ to reduce fuel ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 16

Kimba Fights Nuclear Waste Dump  

The central Eyre Peninsula farming town of Kimba has “won” the dubious honour of having been selected as the site for an Australian nuclear waste dump.
Symbolically perhaps, visitors to the town 461 kms northwest of Adelaide are greeted by an 8-metre tall Big Galah, a garrulous and somewhat random ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 15

Bushfire crisis: Message of support from Germany  

On January 12, CPA (M-L) Chairperson Nick G. sent an update on the bushfire crisis to the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR).  The latter organisation is currently preparing a resolution on the crisis for circulation to its 57 member groups in 45 countries.  In the meantime, we ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 15

US imperialism revives the Marcos family to serve its interests in the Philippines  

The announcement by the Philippines two days ago that it would scrap the 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), which is the legal framework for the presence of US troops in the Philippines, has revived tensions between the US and the Philippines that arose not long after President Duterte came to ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 13

US imperialism: Financial feet of clay  
United States foreign policy, historically, has been primarily focussed on 'US interests', a multi-faceted concept concerned with economic interests linked to military and security considerations.
US imperialism has rested upon military alliances. However, the recent publication of a forecast from Washington has outlined the future scenario where traditional hegemonic positions ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 07

Book Review: The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy  
Book Review: The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy
Vince Scappatura
Monash University Publishing, Clayton, 2019.
Vince Scappatura has done some impressive research for this book. He reveals how completely enmeshed Australian foreign and defence policy is with the US imperial project. For those of us who are aware ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Feb 02

Climate change: Beware green swans with fat tails!  

Sometimes human language fails to find adequate expressions to accurately and scientifically describe phenomena beyond our lived experience.
At the two extremes of matter in motion, where observations require extremely precise mathematical calculation, scientists fall back on metaphor and poetry to describe phenomena. Particle physicists attribute to a range of ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 31

Trump’s phony Middle East peace plan and declining US power  

With Israeli PM Netanyahu in Washington for meetings with President Trump to launch a US-led 'so-called' peace initiative in the Middle East, it is important to relate the diplomacy to some other developments with far-reaching implications for Israel.
A recent high-level diplomatic and intelligence assessment about the Middle East revealed ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 31

75 years ago, the Soviet Red Army opened the gates of Auschwitz....  

January 27 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz by the 60th Army of the First Ukrainian Front of the Soviet Red Army.
Over 230 Soviet soldiers, including the commander of the 472nd regiment, Col. Siemen Lvovich Besprozvanny, died in combat while liberating the Main ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 28

Japanese imperialism’s contribution to the militarisation of Space  
Moves by the Japanese government to follow the US in establishing a Space Agency for military purposes reveal planning for high-altitude real-war scenarios.
The moves follow similar developments in Australia, linked into already existing triangular regional diplomacy with the US.
The developments also show how US regional military planning has ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 27

Unity the key as we reflect on January 26  

January 26 has become a day to take stock.

British Captain Arthur Philip did not land on what became Australia on January 26. As historian Humphrey McQueen points out, numerous other dates have been celebrated as founding days.


more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 26

An anniversary, the bushfires and a military missing in action: Bushfire crisis Part 2  

Under an imperialist thumb, the Australian military has three key roles – to assist in defeating foreign threats to U.S. domination; suppression of internal threats; and bolstering war corporations. Louisa L briefly reviews the role of the Australian military and then looks at how its first two roles played out ...


more...- Posted on 2020 Jan 23

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