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Party Discussion Site Now Available
- 2016 Aug 29

The CPA (M-L) recently created a discussion site for the printing of articles that are relevant to the work of the Party, but not necessarily reflective of a considered Party viewpoint, and for the raising of questions of the Party by members and supporters.

This is a moderated website and not a site for endless and pointless posts.

The most recent article is by respected Australian Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen which responds to a view that talking of an impending crisis of capitalism is “crying wolf”.

The article can be found by following this link to the home page of the discussion site:    

Members and supporters are asked to read the “How to use this website” post through a link on the top left hand side of the discussion site’s home page.




Latest Posts

October Revolution: Culmination of the independent agenda of the working class.  

Nick G.

The 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution was the result of the Bolshevik Party’s outlining for the Russian working class, its own independent class agenda, and doing patient mass work so that the Bolsheviks, as the vanguard of the working class, moved from a minority within the Petrograd Soviet ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 23

Australia-ROK Military Exercises: 2017  
A decision to upgrade joint Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises has provided an indication of heightening diplomatic tensions on the Korean peninsula and wider Asia-Pacific region and the role of Australia.

more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 22

Holden – Australia’s “own car”?  

Ned K.

On Friday 20 October 2017 the last assembled General Motors Holden passenger car rolled off the production line, bringing to an end mass production of passenger cars in Australia. Sad times for the thousands of workers directly and indirectly affected by the destruction of a whole industry, not ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 22

On-going Lessons from the October Revolution  
Josh S
The 1917 Russian revolution, though occurring a century ago, still provides salutatory lessons about many current issues including:
• the futility of terrorism.
• the nature of revolutionary resistance to state violence.
• the struggle for power and control of space.
• the need for leadership by a revolutionary party organisation. ...

more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 19

“Human rights” in the service of US imperialism  

Nick G.

Australia has been voted onto the 47-member United Nations Human Rights Council. For the three-year term of its office, Australia will strengthen the hand of fellow member, US imperialism, in using the issue of human rights to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 17

Broad United Front is developing against US imperialism in Australia  

Max O.

On the heels of the Independent & Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) 2017 National Conference (8-10 September) two interesting and important articles were published that questioned the value of the US-Australian military alliance. The articles came from Richard Butler (former Ambassador to the United Nations; Diplomat in Residence at ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 15

Fascism: resist the beginnings!  

Nick G.
The resurgence of right-wing and openly fascist groups, both here and internationally, is a sign of the sharpening of class contradictions in the midst of fresh contentions between various imperialist groupings. A death threat against a leader of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), concurrently the international spokesperson ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 13

The victory of the October Revolution was a victory over revisionism  

Nick G.

The Great October Socialist Revolution, the centenary of which we celebrate this year, was the greatest practical vindication of genuine Marxism.

Its success was guaranteed by the leadership of the great V.I. Lenin and his unremitting struggles against every kind of bourgeois reformism and unprincipled opportunism.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 11

1917, the year of Referendum, Revolt and Revolution  

Max O.

The year 1917 was a momentous turning point of World War One for both Europe and Australia. It was the year when the Australian military casualty rate was the highest, with 22,000 troops killed on the Western Front.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 10

Indigenous and Copley communities oppose Leigh Creek coal seam gas profit-making venture  

Ned K.
A meeting of the Copley Community, Aroona Council and Adnyamathanha Camp Law Mob met in early October to plan actions, including court action, to stop what they describe as the "dirty, filthy business" of underground in-situ coal gasification going ahead in the Leigh Creek area where they live.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 10

Catalonia, Kurdistan, West Papua – uphold the right of nations to self-determination!  

Nick G.

In recent weeks there have been three expressions of secessionist sentiment in three different parts of the world.
In Europe, the people of the autonomous community of Catalonia have defied the brutal violence of the Spanish state to express their desire for independence.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 05

Honour and learn from the Great Russian October Socialist Revolution!  

Joint statement: CPA and CPA (M-L)

The Communist Party of Australia and the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist), the names of which enshrine the objective of the revolutionary working class, jointly honour the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in this, its centenary year.


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 04

The independent agenda in practice!  

Nick G.

Anti-poverty campaigners in South Australia are winning the support of local government authorities for an increase in the Newstart Allowance.
This is despite the objection of many Councils that the Newstart Allowance is a federal matter and not a proper matter for them to involve themselves with
. ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Oct 02

The burden of supporting US imperialism  

Nick G.

Sydney electronics businessman Gary Johnston has just released a report condemning the federal government’s decision to award a French company the contract to build twelve new submarines in Australia. Johnston commissioned the paper from Insight Economics two years ago after he and other capitalists, including Dick Smith, began ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 29

Why US imperialism wants Australia involved in space weapons development  

The excitement generated in scientific circles about the decision to establish an Australian Space Agency has focussed largely on the boost it will provide for industry, academics and entrepreneurs, opening up a new field for investment by imperialist finance capital in Australia.
The announcement was made at this week’s ...

more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 26

Strongly condemn the persecution of the Rohingya  

Nick G.

The Rohingya refugee crisis requires the strongest condemnation of Myanmar and its leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Rohingya, originally from what is now Bangladesh, have lived for centuries in Myanmar, a Muslim minority in an overwhelmingly Buddhist country.


more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 18

Discarded Car Industry Workers a Valuable Asset To Organize The Unorganized  
Ned K.
In October this year the last remaining pieces of the car industry manufacturing mosaic closes in Australia with Toyota and Holden production plants in Melbourne and Adelaide respectively shutting their doors.

The first cut of one thousand, so to speak, came in the 1970s with closure of ...

more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 17

Book Review: Class in Contemporary China  
Ned K.
In 1957, Chairman Mao stated, "Class struggle is by no means over...The proletariat seeks to transform the world according to its own world outlook, and so does the bourgeoisie. In this respect, the question of which class will win out, socialism or capitalism, is not really settled." ...

more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 17

Anti-war Conference targets US imperialism  

Alice M.

On the weekend of 8 – 10 September in Melbourne, close to 200 people attended the 2017 Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) National Conference War, Peace and Independence – Keep Australia Out of U.S. Wars .


more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 17

History in the early hours  

Nick G.

Overnight radio is perhaps one of the last places you might expect to hear a discussion of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the role of the Communist Party of Australia,. ABC Radio’s Rod Quinn devoted an hour to the topic at 4am this morning. ...


more...- Posted on 2017 Sep 16

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