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E.F. Hill Funeral Oration at Memorial Meeting for Jim Scott (September 1970)  

We gather here today to speak of our friend and comrade Jim Scott who died at the age of 84.  All of us either knew or knew of Jim Scott.

He was a person of revolutionary integrity and principle.


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E.F. (Ted) Hill  

Ted Hill (23 April 1915 -1 February 1988) occupies a pre-eminent position among Australian Marxist-Leninists.

Born Edward Fowler Hill at Mildura, he lived most of his life in Melbourne where he assumed positions of leadership in the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist).


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Bill Bird  

A Tribute to Bill Bird

E.F. (“Ted”) Hill

I write a personal tribute to the life and work of Bill Bird, former official of the Seaman’s Union.


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Doreen Lorbach  

Doreen Lorbach – A life devoted to serving the peopl

Betty Little ( from Vanguard 17 June 1998 )

Great fighters are developed from within the revolutionary movement; as older comrades die, new and younger ones reach up to take their place.


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Clarrie O'Shea  

Communist Party of Australia (M-L) statement on life of Clarrie O’Shea
(from Vanguard Aug 26, 1998)

Clarrie O’Shea was a fighter for the working class all his life. He played a prominent role in many struggles, including the great national movement against the penal powers in 1969.


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Ken Miller  

Learning from Ken Miller's Life

By E.F. Hill, former chairman of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist- Leninist)
(from Australian Communist March/April 1987 No. 140)


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E.F. Hill Funeral Oration at Memorial Meeting for Jim Scott (September 1970)

E.F. (Ted) Hill

Bill Bird

Doreen Lorbach

Clarrie O'Shea

Ken Miller

Ted Bull

Mel Mooney

Dulcie Steffanou

Norm “The General” Gallagher

Fortis Antipas

Cedric Ralph

Comrade Frank Mulheron

Cde. John "Cummo" Cummins

Comrade Charlie McCaffrey

Betty Oke, champion of the people – A tribute

Comrade Neil McLean

Comrade Paddy Malone



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