About the CPA (M-L)


About the CPA (M-L)

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) was founded on the 15th March 1964, after the original CPA split on the issue of modern revisionism and the dictatorial attitude of the CPSU within the international movement. The Party strives to uphold the revolutionary traditions and continuity of the original Party which dates from 1920.

The Programme of the Party is based on revolution by stages; the current stage being the struggle to win real national independence by resisting and expelling US and other imperialisms from Australia. With the establishment of a democratic peoples' republic, the working class and its allies can build and consolidate the social and material conditions for the later stage of socialism.

In the current stage of the struggle for revolutionary change, the working class is the only force with the vision, determination and capacity to unite sections of the other oppressed classes in a patriotic peoples' movement against imperialist exploitation and takeover. The Party pays close attention to the building of unity, political consciousness and revolutionary organisation among the working class.

In its political work, the Party takes into account the hostile position of the pro-imperialist state power and the activities of its repressive agencies. Except for a few leading figures and spokespersons, the majority of Party members do not reveal their association.


About the CPA (M-L)
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About the CPA (M-L)
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