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Fighting for Communism - The future that works!

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An understanding of society (theory) and a way of uniting to change it (organisation) are the two things that we need to make a socialist revolution.

So many problems face this world: environmental catastrophe, poverty, diseases, racism and war. They’ll never be solved while imperialism and capitalism remains, but they could all be sorted if society was set up for the benefit of the majority rather than the private gain of a few billionaires.

Our party is different because we consistently apply Marxist science to all areas of our work, and we’re not scared to tell it how it is. We refuse to be intimidated by the barrage of lying propaganda that fills Australia’s mainstream media. The ruling class of corporate monopoly interests and their collaborators try to ridicule and crush the idea of building a socialist society; it is our job to do it anyway!

Challenge your ideas – challenge their propaganda – seek the truth – serve the people – change the world! 

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Fighting for Communism - The future that works!
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Fighting for Communism - The future that works!
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Fighting for Communism - The future that works!

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