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From Italy: PCI- ML statement of solidarity with French working class

In every country under the dictatorship and the capitalistic repression, it is necessary to struggle as in France for survival and the new socialist society!

The P.C.I.M-L. is at the side of the struggle of these days of the French working class against the high cost of living, generated by the infamous economic and social system of capitalist exploitation and the bourgeois government enslaved by the interests of wealthy industrialists, landowners, bankers, financiers and merchants. But the struggle over minimum goals is not enough, we need to raise the level of struggle to change the social system, from capitalist to socialist, because only this is the historical and universal solution of the infernal life that the working class is forced to live every day.

It is necessary to transform the struggle, the anger and the indignation of the working and popular masses in revolution for the conquest of the socialist society. In France and in all the countries of the exploitation and repression of the capitalist state we need to bring down the bourgeois, clerical and capital governments, responsible for our tragic conditions of life: we want all the rights for a dignified and serene existence guaranteed. It is necessary to form a new provisional government, which arises from the popular struggle and sustained by all the forces longing for the new and higher socialist society. Before the will of the people no preconceived authority can stand up and must give way to the new that advances and breaks onto the stage of history.

The new government of the workers, agricultural, services and territorial councils will expropriate the capitalist class, which has been enriched by exploiting the proletarian labor, will expropriate the national wealth represented by the banking, financial and stock exchange system, will nationalize the means of production and social infrastructures, will abolish the exploitation of man by man and will guarantee to everyone every individual, family and social right for an existence worth living, it is the socialist society that will free man from need and elevate it to self-government. Of society.

The egoism and the robbery of capitalists, exploiters of various species, bankers, financiers, loan sharks, speculators and the surviving real estate and agricultural nobility will be taken over by the principle and the government of economic and social equality. All this is possible right now, as long as the most emancipated part of the workers  in general wants it and is supported by the forces of the socialist revolution. Those who consider this possibility unattainable, out of today's or utopian reality, are wrong because the lived history has already shown us that all this is possible and it is enough to want it. Not understanding it would mean condemning humanity to ever greater suffering, because it was crushed by the iron heel of the powerful on duty.
The P.C.I.M-L. expresses closeness and class and revolutionary solidarity to the French working class fighting for the conquest of better living conditions and, he hopes, also for the conquest of the new and higher socialist society. 

Long live the class struggle, Long live the socialist revolution!

P.C.I.M-L - General Secretary Domenico Savio


From Italy: PCI- ML statement of solidarity with French working class
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From Italy: PCI- ML statement of solidarity with French working class
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From Italy: PCI- ML statement of solidarity with French working class

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