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US imperialism encourages closer ties between Australia and Israel

High-level diplomatic initiatives between Australia and Israel reveal the importance of the former for United States positions in the Middle East. Alliances and military treaties also tie Australia directly into global Pentagon planning elsewhere.
In the Asia-Pacific region US-led diplomacy is marked by a Cold War stance toward China, similar to another toward Iran in the Middle East.
Behind the scenes the rising influence of China has altered the balance of forces; the US are desperate to regain traditional hegemonic positions as the pivot has slowly tipped away from the supremacist stance.
In late October and early November Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the Israeli State in a high-level diplomatic initiative ostensibly to celebrate the centenary of Australian involvement with Beersheba, considered a turning point in Palestinian history leading to the creation of Israel in 1948. (1) There was no reference whatsoever to the Palestinian people, victims of one of the largest refugee problems in the world. In an obvious piece of historical fakery, an Israeli flag was part of the historic re-enactment of the famous Light Horse charge.
As part of the propaganda exercise the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seized the opportunity to state 'Australia is a true friend of Israel'. (2) Turnbull, likewise, bolstered his Zionist credentials by stating 'relations between the two countries were as strong as they had ever been', then adding the real reason behind the exercise was 'growing cooperation in defence, defence industry, technology and cyber-space', and a common will to defeat Islamic terrorism'. (3)
No mention was given, however, to the role of the US using jihadists as 'intelligence assets to achieve US foreign policy objectives'. (4) There was also no mention of how the US planned the use of jihadists to destabilise the Syrian government and after their defeat to airlift twenty commanders out of war-zones. (5)
The planning of the full-scale US-led assault on Syria was also not hurriedly planned: In the 1980s British Special forces (SAS) 'were training the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, as well as secret camps in Scotland, and the SAS was largely taking orders from the CIA'. (6)
Both Australia and Israel are important hubs for US-led military planning, hosting sensitive facilities for regional defence and security provision. Israel, while having a relatively small economy, has a huge defence sector. It is also a large exporter of armaments. In recent years it has also been drawn closer to Australia as part of US-led initiatives.
Turnbull, in fact, has not even attempted to keep the defence ties subject to usual diplomatic silence. He was recently quoted in an official defence media statement explaining 'our defence ties have become a vital part of the relationship between Australia and Israel. As a result of this visit (Beersheba) we aim to upgrade the cooperation'. (7)
There was also no attempt to hide Australian involvement in the Middle East, a region far away from our shores. An official media release stated 'the two countries will establish an annual bi-lateral strategic defence dialogue to discuss strategic priorities and help Australian officials to better understand Israel's perspectives on developments in the region'. (8)
While the growing defence cooperation between Australia and Israel has raised serious considerations about the Palestinian question and insidious nature of US-led militarism, it is the covert nature of intelligence collection which raises issues for ordinary Australian people.
An Israeli software company, Bio-Nexus, for example, is in the forefront of cyber-communications with specific interests in medical records. (9) A mere click of a mouse could potentially download huge amounts of highly confidential personal information by those possessing ulterior motives, bypassing any civil liberties provision. Official media releases have already noted the linkage between the facilities and military facilities with 'the company's data-flow management technology is being used by a number of security forces globally, including the Australian Defence Force'. (10)
The development, and what has accompanied it historically, is not a departure from everyday Israeli diplomacy.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s Israel actively supported an odious and genocidal regime in Guatemala which was even subject to US sanctions due to widespread repression. Israel was responsible for providing the regime with computer systems designed to monitor electricity and telephone usage together with 'other records data on individual movements taken from police checkpoints' for counter-intelligence purposes. (11) Israel was also responsible for establishing the Army Transmissions and Electronics School in 1981 which was officially opened by Guatemalan President Lucas Garcia. 'At the official opening, Moshe Dayan, former Israeli ambassador to Guatemala called Guatemala one of our best friends'. (12)
There are numerous other examples of Israeli involvement with US-led connivance and repression, the outcome of military planning aimed at enhancing US hegemonic positions.
US military planning toward the Middle East region, for example, is conducted by a Cold War position toward Iran; the centre of Shia for the Islamic world and close to the Alawite leadership of President Assad in Damascus. The US-led attempt to destabilise Syria over five years ago was planned as the first stage designed to eventually topple the Iranian leadership, although failed to achieve objectives.
It is, therefore, not surprising to find references in diplomatic media releases about the Australian and Israeli initiatives which state 'they come at a time when Israel, the US and Australia are increasingly concerned about Iran's creeping influence in the region'. (13) The US-led initiatives clearly favoured a jihadist victory and all which accompanied it.
In fact, recent leaked US National Security Agency (NSA) documents made available through Qatar have revealed the 'armed opposition in Syria was under direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the conflict'. A later statement from the Syrian government has drawn attention to the complicity ‘between four countries to destabilize an independent state, possible support for Nusra/al-Qaeda.’ Importantly, ‘this admission will help build case for what Damascus sees as an attack on its security & sovereignty. It will form basis for compensation claims.’ (14)
Following the defeat of US military planning and operations, Alawite and Shia-led forces are now stabilising their positions in the region.  The US, nevertheless, clearly still regard the jihadists as 'intelligence assets to achieve foreign policy objectives' at a later date. (15) Proof of the problem can be seen with US military equipment being used to airlift about twenty Daesh commanders to safety and for future deployment elsewhere. (16)
The US diplomatic position in the Middle East is also closely linked to similar positions taken toward China, with the specific intention of containing and encircling Chinese influence. The rise of China has, nevertheless, altered the balance of forces far afield from the immediate Asia-Pacific region. In 2001 the Shanghai Cooperation organisation (SCO) was founded; led by China, it was intended as a counter to 'US hegemonic positions in Central Asia', a region predominantly Islamic. (17)
Later, by 2004, Chinese links with Iran eventually resulted in over a hundred State companies operating inside Iran and large-scale involvement with economic development and infra-structure projects. (18) Chinese involvement with Iran has also included defence and security planning.
In October, 2007, the SCO signed an agreement with the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) which included Iran together with the Russian Federation. Acting as a counter to NATO, the CSTO has successfully challenged traditional US hegemonic positions in both regions.
It is, perhaps therefore, not suprising to note the wave of US militarism is being stepped up a notch with the Trump administration likely to appoint Admiral Harry Harris, the present US Pacific Commander 'best known for his hawkish views on China' as the next Ambassador to Canberra. (19)
Harris is an advocate of so-called 'freedom of navigation' military exercises in the South China Seas. The exercises are regarded by China as provocative and a major threat to access and egress to highly congested shipping-lanes.
There remains a very real possibility the present US-led military exercises will eventually result in real-war scenarios as the balance of forces further swings away from their traditional hegemonic positions.

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US imperialism encourages closer ties between Australia and Israel
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US imperialism encourages closer ties between Australia and Israel
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