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Jerusalem: from thought bubble to lead balloon

Nick G.

A cynical thought bubble let fly by Prime Minister Scott “Scummo” Morrison during the Wentworth byelection last October has been transformed by Morrison into an end-of-year lead balloon.

Playing to the Jewish community in the Wentworth electorate and trying to curry favour with Donald Trump, Morrrison acted on his own initiative to announce a review of plans to copy the US by moving our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was outside the borders of the Zionist state of Israel proposed by the UN Partition Plan of 1947. Recognising the claims on Jerusalem as a city of holy significance to Jews, Muslims and Christians, the UN placed Jerusalem in a separate administrative zone that was neither Jewish nor Muslim.  West Jerusalem was illegally annexed by Israel in the 1947-8 war of aggression against its Arab neighbours. Jordan then annexed East Jerusalem but it was seized by the Israelis in the 1967 war. In the 1980 Jerusalem Law, Israel declared the whole of Jerusalem to be its undivided capital.

Not content with having created their Zionist state on Palestinian territory, the Zionists have used both war and “settlements” in pursuit of their lebensraum agenda.  They have been supported in this by the US and Anglo-French imperialists, but until the advent of Trump, no nation had backed the audacious claims to the whole of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Morrison’s embarrassing thought bubble aligning Australia with Trump on Jerusalem was condemned by Muslim nations including, in our own region, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“We can’t be told by other countries around the world what our views are,” responded Morrison, further embarrassing himself and Australia given the glaringly obvious point that we had only jumped on the Jerusalem bandwagon because of slavish adherence by our politicians to the line laid down by Washington.

The thought bubble became a lead balloon on December 15 when Scummo announced his position on the issue. Australia would recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but would not move its Embassy there from Tel Aviv until such time as there was a two-state negotiated peace settlement.

Morrison had inadvertently defied the laws of mathematics and proved that one plus one equals zero. His first “one” was his Wentworth thought bubble; his second “one” was the December 15 announcement. Put together, as noted political journalist Laura Tingle pointed out, they had “pleased no-one”.

The Palestinians have been offended and angered by Morrison’s ineptitude and support for Zionist Israel, whilst the Israelis pretended to welcome Morrison’s West Jerusalem “clarification” while simultaneously and very publicly reaffirming their claim that Jerusalem cannot be “divided”.

The problem with being a running dog is that the more you seek to serve your master, the more demeaning and servile you make yourself look. 

That may suit Scummo’s purposes, but it does not sit well with the Australian people.  We cringe at each expression of our inability to exercise an independent capacity for decision-making in matters of foreign policy.

This is indeed another “knighthood for Prince Philip” moment and we reject it utterly.

We must have our independence and we will defend it under socialist state power.


Jerusalem: from thought bubble to lead balloon
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Jerusalem: from thought bubble to lead balloon
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