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Communist women fight and die for Rojava

Written by: Nick G. on 18 November 2019

Organisations and parties active in the fight against fascist Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria/Rojava have honoured two females comrades recently killed by the invaders.

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Turkey/Kurdistan wrote:

Ceren Güneş of DKP (B) and Aynur Ada of DKP-BÖG fell martyr in the great resistance against the invasion of Rojava by the colonialist fascist Turkish state.

They rejected the patriarchal capitalist system and all "easy" living opportunities within it and realized their own history in a revolutionary way. In Rojava we fought with them in the International Battalion and witnessed their revolutionary practice. We took part in the defense of our Rojava women revolution, shoulder to shoulder in the battle trenches.

Ceren and Aynur; The ideals of these two pioneering women, who are exemplary revolutionaries of the break-away from the patriarchal bourgeois order, the sharp practical reckoning with traditional roles imposed on women, are our ideals. We once again promise that for these ideals we will raise our level of warfare on all fronts and strengthen our revolutionary commitment to them at every step.

will draw strength from their responsibility, daring, courage and determination, to shoulder strategic tasks within their party at a young age. We will learn from their practice of becoming leadership and command and force all the possibilities to include it in our leadership style.

Once again we salute all our female comrades who have become immortalized fighting with great devotion and determination in the trenches of Rojava. In the struggle against the invasion of Rojava, we promise victory to all the heroines and heroes of the resistance who have gone to immortality.

Comrades Ceren and Aynur are alive, the fight continues!
Long live our Rojava revolution!
We will defend every position and fight for every piece of land!
Long live the women's comradeship!
Long live our women's revolution!
November 10, 2019

The Turkish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), said of Comrade Ceren (left):

The commander of the women’s liberation struggle became the voice and colour of resistance to fascism, patriarchy and all kinds of reactionism in every area of Rojava. When the Turkish fascism turned Rojava into hell under the leadership of imperialism, comrade Ceren, a member of the Central Committee of the DKP/Birlik (Revolutionary Communard Party/ Union), who didn’t refrain from any revolutionary actions, determined her ranks without hesitation. She rejected all he careers, and opportunities offered to her….

Of Comrade Aynur, it wrote:

Comrade Aynur was martyred, who ran from trench to trench without discrimination of duty and she was written as a commander who enlightened our way in the struggle for women’s freedom as a member of DKP/BÖG (Revolutionary Communard Party / United Freedom Forces) central committee member and commander of KÖG (Women’s Freedom Forces).

We will not only remember her as BÖG fighter, but with infinite revolutionary solidarity, and we will always commemorate her in our struggle. As comrade Aynur said “We will defend this land without any organizational concern, even sharing our arms and legs”, who proved her position in the struggle, she will live in our struggle as a commander, fearless warrior and comrade…

Aynur Ada is Immortal!
Ceren Güneş is Immortal!
No Forgetting! No Postponement! Never Give Up!
TKP-ML Communist Women’s Union
10 November 2019

The DKP/Birlik said that Ceren Güneş took her part in all the battle fronts for the past four years, adding:

“She joined the battle for Manbij and served as a commander in the International Freedom Battalion (IFB) in the Raqqa battle. On the Raqqa front, she commanded the fiercest battles with great courage as ISIS attacked three times to bring down the IFB headquarters.”

The statement ended with the following remarks; “She did not come to these lands to die but she never hesitated to challenge death. She came here pursuing her great dreams. She came to carry the revolutionary and militant accumulation against Turkish fascism. Death will not stop her march. The youth of Turkey will make the ideals of this brave revolutionary woman come true.”

The International Freedom Battalion said,

“Ceren Güneş, real name Özge Aydın, was the military commander of DKP/Birlik and one of the coordinators of the international volunteers inside the International Freedom Battalion. She left Turkey 4 years ago to come to fight alongside the Kurdish people in Rojava in their struggle against the Islamic State.”

The statement added: “Loyal to her ideals, she kept fighting against all forms of fascism threatening Rojava and its people. Following the revolutionary path in which she believed, she had been actively fighting on the frontline since the battle of Serekaniye, although she was lightly injured a few days before her death.”

The statement continued: “No words are sufficient to describe the admiration we had for her political commitment in life and the pain we have since her death. The internationalist fighters have lost a dear friend and an extraordinary comrade. The price for victory is high, but she inspires us to continue to struggle for it.”

The statement ended: “Now more than ever, revolutionary unity and international solidarity are needed to defeat the imperialist forces who have chosen Northern Syria as a new battle/play-ground. It is our duty to honour Ceren’s legacy and to oppose with a strict revolutionary ethic those who try to impose a tyrannical order on these free lands.”

A moving visual tribute (not in English) to the two women and their fellow martyr, the male comrade Imran Firtina, is available on Youtube.  It begins with their childhoods, early teenage activism and mature communist activity and ends with their funeral. See:

Glory to these fallen heroes!

(Above: Comrades Aynur and Imran)


Communist women fight and die for Rojava
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Communist women fight and die for Rojava
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