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Editorial: Make 2020 a year of revolutionary struggle!

Written by: CPA (M-L) on 1 January 2020

As Australia burns like never before “we are all in this together” say the politicians and mass media. But that’s bullshit! It’s workers and the people, mostly volunteering and unpaid, who are tirelessly fighting to defend homes and communities from the uncontrollable fires.Too many have died already. But the politicians and the capitalists don’t care. They’re off on family holidays in Hawaii or Europe, or in their comfortable air-conditioned mansions. No threat to their comfortable lives.

We are experiencing first-hand the effects of the climate crisis brought on by capitalist exploitation. The system’s continual drive for ever larger profits is destroying the country and the planet. The river systems run dry and towns are running out of drinking water. Yet unsustainable multinational fossil fuel companies and agribusinesses are given access to huge amounts of water so they can continue to make a profit.

They tell us there’s no money for public services, hospitals, Newstart, to properly fund and pay all firefighters, or for anything that would help the working class and poor. But there’s plenty of money for subsidies to tax dodging big businesses, automatic weapons for the police, and huge military budgets to serve US imperialist interests in wars around the world.

We aren’t all in this together! The interests of the rich and the capitalists, and the poor and workers aren’t the same. As we enter a new year, and the crises brought on by the class system of capitalism intensify, now is the time to ask yourself, like our comrades here and around the world, which side are you on? Now is the time to be inspired by the mass struggles of the millions of people fighting back around the world.

There is always hope for the future, but only if people are prepared to take united action to make that future a reality. We believe that future lies on the path of a revolutionary struggle for an independent and socialist Australia. In 2020, we encourage you to join the CPA (M-L) and fight with us in the struggle to build that future!    


Editorial: Make 2020 a year of revolutionary struggle!
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Editorial: Make 2020 a year of revolutionary struggle!
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Editorial: Make 2020 a year of revolutionary struggle!



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