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Bushfire crisis: Message of support from Germany

Written by: CPA (M-L) on 15 February 2020

On January 12, CPA (M-L) Chairperson Nick G. sent an update on the bushfire crisis to the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR).  The latter organisation is currently preparing a resolution on the crisis for circulation to its 57 member groups in 45 countries.  In the meantime, we have received a message of support from the Internationalist Alliance and Environmental Union from northern Germany (see below).

 In a return message, Nick G pointed out that “The rains have helped, but in their own way, are an extreme weather event and some firefighters have now had to be switched to helping bushfire-ravaged communities deal with flooding. Fish are dying in rivers as ash from the fires is carried downstream.  Global warming is a catastrophe and the working class must lead the fight to close down the carbon economy and abandon capitalism.” 

The German message reads:

Capitalism is Destruction of our Basis of Existence

The past few days, weeks, and months have shown that a bourgeois capitalist government with a fundamentalist-Pentecostal view, on behalf of the interests of the coal monopolies, knowingly and willingly, is unable to deal with environmental issues and problems, let alone make a recognizable, relevant contribution to the unity of man and nature. Large areas in Australia still continue to burn after the rains.
It is the working class, it is the working people in Australia who fight the forces of nature, make sacrifices and help to maintain civilization progress.
On the other hand, there are the capital representatives as the cause, from whose greed for profit, human life and nature conservation are insignificant. The political reactionary developments in many countries around the world have not only led to the suppression of progressive movements and people and to a more aggressive foreign policy, but have exacerbated this development of overexploitation of nature.In a globalized world there are no isolated events, the people of Latin America experience the effects as do other peoples.
The further use of fossil or atomic sources of energy must be prevented.
The internationalist alliance, the environmental union and many, many friends and comrades support you and the fight against the polluters for a better future. 
With militant greetings,
Juergen Bader


Bushfire crisis: Message of support from Germany
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Bushfire crisis: Message of support from Germany
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Bushfire crisis: Message of support from Germany

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