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CPA (M-L) affiliates to ICOR

Written by: CPA (M-L) on 9 November 2019

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) has officially affiliated to the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR). The decision to affiliate was debated and approved by the 15th National Party Congress held in June earlier this year.

The ICOR is an international union for the organisation of practical cooperation and coordination for the activity of revolutionary organisations and parties around the world, and for mutual support in class struggle and party building. It currently consists of 56 parties and organisations from 46 countries.

Affiliated parties and organisations unite on equal terms, and respect the differences between member organisations in terms of their size, practical, organisational and political experience, historical-ideological roots, and their strategic tasks based on the concrete socio-economic conditions of each country. The ICOR Founding Resolution includes a revolutionary, anti-imperialist, anti-revisionist and anti-Trotskyite platform, which forms a basis for achieving unity in all essential questions by an interrelated process of theoretical discussion and practical work.

Our affiliation to ICOR is a reflection of the Party’s conscious decision to deepen our connections with the international revolutionary movement. Joining ICOR presents us with the opportunity to make new connections, share analysis and gain deeper understanding on key questions related to the revolutionary struggle being waged around the world by the working class and oppressed people against capitalist imperialism. As the crisis of imperialism intensifies worldwide, so too does the threat of imperialist world war, the strengthening of reaction and the trend to fascism, and the intensified exploitation of the workers and masses. The need for international coordination and cooperation between revolutionary parties and organisations is becoming increasingly clear.

Long live proletarian internationalism!
Workers and oppressed people of the world, unite!


CPA (M-L) affiliates to ICOR
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CPA (M-L) affiliates to ICOR
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