70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism

On May 9, 1945 the Allied powers declared Victory in Europe over the German fascists.  

Particular glory in that victory belongs to the Soviet Union which bore the brunt of the Nazi onslaught.  The Anglo-US imperialists made an important contribution to the victory, but delayed opening a second front against the Nazis in Western Europe at the cost of millions of lives in the Nazi-occupied Soviet Union.

Stalin, the Bolshevik Party and the Red Army occupy a place of unparalleled honour in the history of the fight against fascism.  It was the socialist system that sustained the efforts of the resistance throughout the war-ravaged Soviet republics.  It was the socialist system that inspired the Red Army and the partisans and gave them reason to fight and hope of victory in the face of 20 million deaths at the hands of the Nazis.

The Anglo-US imperialists of today have disgraced those of the past who fought alongside the Soviet Union.  They portray World War 2 as a fight that they led and minimise or ignore, to the point of near complete disappearance, the role of the Soviet Union.  In a snub to history they have boycotted the celebrations in Moscow this weekend.  Their arrogance and hatred of historical truths cannot be excused.

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) salutes the united efforts of the peoples of all countries who fought against the Axis fascists.

We honour Stalin, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Red Army and partisan detachments.

We reaffirm our commitment to fight contemporary fascism, capitalism and imperialism and to bring about the victory of socialism. 



70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism
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70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism
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70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism

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