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Advanced Study Course

The Advanced Course is geared to comrades on the leading bodies, state and national. It is an additional component to the Basic Course, which is mandatory for all members.
The first objective (the study component) of the Advanced Course is to equip leading comrades with the ability to understand and apply the method of dialectical materialism to the investigation and analysis of class struggle in Australia (in the context of the international situation).
On Contradiction (Mao 1937)
Dialectical and Historical Materialism (Stalin 1938)
The second objective is to implement a number of research and social investigation tasks on key priority issues (as determined by the CC), to use the ‘mass line’ method to develop up-to-date slogans and demands, and to publish this material as well-presented and accessible booklets.
The second objective should be undertaken with reference to Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism (Lenin 1917)


Advanced Study Course
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Advanced Study Course
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Advanced Study Course



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