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Hands off Korea!

by Jim H.
All Australians should be demanding an end to the bullying of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), otherwise known as North Korea.
Billions of words have been written and said by the world’s most vicious representatives of the most bloodthirsty powers in order to isolate this small country and make it ripe for invasion. 
Unfortunately, the Australian government has been in up to its neck in this sordid affair. This is a disgrace and should be given no credence whatsoever. 
Reality is turned on its head by insisting that the North is a threat to the world. The reality is that the US, Britain, France etc., have the track record of launching attacks on other countries. Australia acts as deputy sheriff to the United States. Yet these are the ones who dare to paint themselves as bringers of peace. 
The DPRK is targeted because it dares to stand up and demand to be treated as an equal.  Its leaders have repeatedly demanded an end to the bullying and asserted the right to self-defence in these circumstances. No fair minded person would deny that we all have this right. Nor would any fair minded person deny this small country the right to choose its destiny and direction of development. 
These matters are at the heart of the Korean issue.
The recent missile and satellite launches must be seen in this context. It is the height of arrogance for a nation to demand that only it should decide who is to have access to the upper atmosphere and outer space and who is not.  The truth is that every developed nation, and many developing nations, uses satellite technology for their communications systems. Denying North Korea the same right is economic sabotage. 
The US claims that this knowledge could be used for unfriendly and aggressive purposes. Yet who is it that has an extensive spy and military system already working in orbit around the Earth. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
So long as a million troops continue to press on the border, when nuclear weapons continue to be aimed at the North, when a puppet government is maintained in the South, when a continuous parade of war games is being carried out in front of the target, when aggressive acts involving nuclear-capacity Stealth bombers are being carried out, the Korean peninsula will remain a major threat to world peace.
A threat that is not coming from the Korean people, but from an aggressive power which will stop at nothing to extend its empire and satisfy its ambition to achieve its ultimate goal – to encircle and attack China.
North Korea has stated that it is willing to re-engage in constructive talks. "If the US and the South enemies... genuinely want dialogue and negotiation, they should take these steps," the DPRK defence commission said. "The first step will be withdrawing the UN Security Council resolutions cooked up on ridiculous grounds," the statement said. "Second, you need to tell the whole world that you will not get involved in any rehearsal for a nuclear war that threatens our nation. Dialogues and war games can never go together," it added.
For now it looks like there may be a temporary truce. The problem will not be resolved soon though and it remains important that all those who want a peaceful world, all those who want to see an end to a world dominated by imperialism and who support the forces for liberation, demand that the bullies take their hands off Korea.