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Abbott still believes in “terra nullius”

by Nick G.

Racists like Tony Abbott refuse to believe there was anything – or anyone – in Australia before its seizure by British imperialism.

There can only be one thing worse than a calculated insult, and that’s an insult that is so spontaneous, so unrehearsed and so natural that its offense is magnified by a factor of thousands.

Abbott has revealed that deep in his soul is a denial of the very thing that he proclaims he stands for when he urges support of the fraud of the constitutional recognition of ATSI peoples.

“As we look around this glorious city,” he told British Prime Minister David Cameron, “as we see the extraordinary development, it’s hard to think that back in 1788 it was nothing but bush.”

“The marines and the convicts and the sailors that straggled off those 12 ships, just a few hundred yards from where we are now, must have thought they had come almost to the moon.

“Everything would have been so strange. Everything would have seemed so extraordinarily basic and raw, and now a city which is one of the most spectacular cities on our globe.”

Abbott has the racist mentality of the unsettler.  He sees nothing wrong in the unsettlement of stable, sustainable and functioning societies of First Nations peoples.  He sees nothing wrong in it because he refuses to see the people unsettled by the forceful and violent seizure of their territories. 

His racism is so deeply embedded that it can’t help coming to the fore.

He has previously said that the arrival of the so-called First Fleet was the “defining moment” in Australian history.

No matter how he ducks and weaves and subsequently tries to extricate himself from his offensive gaffes, he has further revealed his deep-seated hostility to Aboriginal sovereignty and self-determination.