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Cynicism undermines action

Louisa L
Unless it is linked with an understanding that the subservience of Australia to its imperialist masters can be broken, disillusionment with politics and politicians can be profoundly disempowering.

This was capitalised on in last weekend’s NSW election by No Land Tax (NLT), whose bewildered pamphleteers were paid $30 an hour to hand out leaflets attacking 'Labor crooks'  and 'Liberal crooks', and suggesting “Teach them both a lesson” by not distributing any preferences. The ALP was the real target.

Apparently the head of the group, Peter Jones, had been rebuffed by the Liberals in a preference deal, and had a verbal brawl with shock jock Ray Hadley. As not too much mud had stuck to Teflon Mike Baird compared to the decade of deep and personal corruption of NSW Labor under Joe Tripodi and Eddie Obeid, the Labor vote was diminished.

While the vote was small, for a group that had materialised just weeks before the election, in at least one seat, East Hills, the NLT vote of 2.15 per cent may have changed the result.

More important was the role played by the Christian Democratic Party (CDP). Their preferences went straight to the Coalition, while their bright orange placards “No Sharia Law” and “Stronger Bail Laws” muddied the waters. Nowhere in Australia is sharia law being considered, and bail laws are now more punishing than for decades. Our gaols are bursting with people on remand, many of whom will be found not guilty.

In the marginal seat of East Hills where the CDP garnered its largest vote, the ALP candidate, Cameron Murphy - former head of the Council for Civil Liberties who only needed a 0.2 percent swing to take the seat - was a particular target.


But it didn't stop there.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, unknown people plastered Murphy's corflutes “with stickers maliciously alleging he is a 'paedophile lover'”.

Mr Murphy was awarded the Order of Australia in 2014 for his contribution to human rights, and is the son of former Labor federal attorney general and former High Court judge Lionel Murphy.

"It is very disappointing when people engage in gutter politics," Mr Murphy told the Herald. "There have been leaflets and stickers claiming I am a paedophile, a serial rapist, and in favour of a mosque in every street.”

It all had an effect and Murphy may not gain the seat. Labor sources told the Herald, “voters were walking into pre-poll booths this week, and booths on Saturday, saying they wouldn't vote for a paedophile.”

And this is our grand democracy. No wonder people are disillusioned.

Turning that to deep knowledge and action is important post-election.