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Victory to the People of Palestine!

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) hails and stands in solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine in their long and resolute struggle to end the brutal US backed Israeli Zionist oppression and occupation of Palestine.

The resistance and courage of 4 generations of Palestinians since the catastrophe of Nakba 73 years ago has inspired the world’s people fighting for freedom and liberation from colonialism and imperialism. 
Organised mass resistance by the Palestinian people in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Aqsa Mosque, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza is sending fear into the colonial-occupier Israeli Zionist state and imperialists all over the world. More Israeli Jews are supporting and joining the Palestinian fight against the occupation and brutality of the fascist Zionist state.
In the past week, hundreds of mass rallies with tens of thousands of supporters have been held across the world in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle to end the colonial occupation and genocide.  The call to end the occupation and return Palestinians to their homes and country reverberates across the world.  In Australia thousands took to the streets across the country this weekend in solidarity with the people of Palestine.
The worldwide protests will continue to grow over the next week to commemorate the Nakba of 15 May 1948 when 800,000 Palestinians were forcefully expelled by Zionist colonialists and British imperialists from their homes and land that they had previously shared with Jewish people peacefully for centuries.  
In the Italian port of Genoa, in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, wharfies refused to load and crew ships with weapons bound for Israel.  They walked off the job and joined protests calling for end to Israeli state violence against the Palestinians.
Behind the Zionist occupation and genocide stands US imperialism.  The colonial occupation, expansion and aggression could never be sustained by the Zionist colonial state without the heavy continues economic, military and political support and encouragement by US imperialism.  The expansionist Zionist state is a crucially important base to US geo-political, economic and military hegemony in the region. The Gaza strip coastline borders Mediterranean Sea rich in recently discovered gas and oil.  Israel is a lucrative market for the US multinational weapons industry. The US bankrolls the fascist Israel military to the tune of $3.8 billion annually. 
And Australia, the lackey of US imperialism, obediently provides support for all US economic, political and military domination around the world.  A large part of Australia’s budget of $230 billion over next 10 years on “defence “ (imperialist aggression) is allocated in contracts to multinational weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and BAE who develop and sell arms to Israel, including $1.8 billion in contracts to Israel weapon manufacturer Elbit System since 2010.
Seventy-three years of Israeli Zionist violent occupation and relentless aggression has not cowed the Palestinian people.  It only strengthened their determination not to give up their just fight for freedom and self-determination.  Again, they are sending a clear message to the world that as long as the brutal occupation continues, the resistance and the fight for sovereignty will continue to grow.  The just cause of Palestinian struggle is victorious!
Build the Australian people’s support for the just cause of the Palestinians!
Oppose Israeli Zionist Occupation! 
End US imperialist and its puppet Australia support for the occupation!
We reprint below a statement sent to us by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, one of several revolutionary organisations of the Palestinian people.
"DFLP": Condemns the heinous Israeli crime that targeted unarmed citizens, including children, and mourns the martyrs of the aggression on Gaza
The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the heinous Israeli crime in Beit Hanoun and Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip, which killed a number of martyrs, including children.
The Front affirmed that the deliberate Israeli targeting of a group of defenseless citizens, including children, is a major war crime that crosses all red lines, and a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and international norms and conventions.
The Front warned the occupation government against persisting in its aggression and targeting unarmed civilians and civilian installations, holding it fully responsible for the consequences of its continuous aggression, which began in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.
The Front, while mourning the martyrs of the Beit Hanoun and Jabalia crime and all the martyrs of the continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, confirmed that our people decided their options by wrapping around their resistance as a struggle option to impose a national solution on the occupying state.
And it stressed that the Israeli crimes and targeting defenseless civilians will not discourage our Palestinian people from continuing their struggle and resisting it in all forms until the occupation is swept away every inch of our occupied Palestinian land with its capital, Jerusalem, and the achievement of freedom, return and independence.