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Martin O'Malley: Australian Communist Party condolence message

The CPA (M-L) has received a message of condolences on the death of our comrade, Martin O’Malley, from the Australian Communist Party. We thank them for their generous and sincere evaluation of Martin’s qualities as a working class leader.

Dear comrades, 

My apologies for not writing earlier on behalf of the Central Committee of the ACP regarding the recent passing of comrade Martin O’Malley. Please accept the condolences of our Party for this major loss to the movement and pass it on the members of the CPA-ML. 

I have nothing but fond memories of the decades-long contribution of comrade Martin. His leadership of workers in building and construction is still well-known and sadly missed. I noticed from my first encounter with Martin at public events in support of many struggles that he was a forceful advocate for workers’ rights and various other causes in solidarity with the oppressed in general. 

But he had that important additional element in what he would communicate to workers. He would explain in very simple and earthy terms what the immediate challenge was. He would then identify the relationship between the current issue and the class interests at stake, pointing out the overall strategy of the ruling class to further oppress working people. He would advise workers to recognise their own independent agenda and pursue their own strategy to secure their rightful place in society, that is as its ruling class ushering in an era of progress and justice. 

Comrade Martin was a committed Marxist-Leninist with a gift for uniting people from a variety of backgrounds and outlooks behind just struggles. He was a motivator of people. I recall on the May Day Collective that, if we felt the crowd needed extra attention to get it revved up and receptive, we would put comrade Martin early on the speakers’ list. He never disappointed. 

We might wonder where the next batch of leaders like comrade Martin will come from but I know that his example and the lessons he imparted will reap rewards as capitalism and imperialism draw new combatants into the massive struggles ahead of us. Again, please pass on our condolences to your members at the passing of comrade Martin. 

In socialism, 

Bob Briton 
General Secretary, Australian Communist Party