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Book Review: The Earth Transformed

Peter Frankopan, the author of The Earth Transformed, (Bloomsbury Press), is Professor of Global History at Oxford University. In its 660 pages the book traces the history of the Earth from its formation to the present day.

Climate change has always existed since the Earth was formed. The Earth Transformed shows how climate change, whether caused naturally by events such as volcanoes, or man-made by the burning of fossil fuels, has changed the course of human history, as have earthquakes, flood, wars and disease pandemics. 

Frankopan cites a vast array of archaeological and other scientific data to support his findings. The book deals extensively with Africa, Asia and Central and South America. These are continents which don’t usually get a lot of attention from historians. 

The author is not a Marxist, but he is highly critical of the destruction of the environment brought about by imperialism and capitalism. Destruction of indigenous civilisations, large-scale clearing of forests and jungles to grow cash crops and pollution of the land, sea and air by industries are just some of the evils inflicted by capitalism on our planet.

The Earth Transformed is well worth reading. I recommend it to Vanguard readers.