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From the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

From the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
To the political powers and parties in the world

Dear comrades:
We send you our greetings,

There is no doubt that you are following the Israeli aggression against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which left thousands of civilians martyred and wounded, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people whose homes were destroyed above the heads of women, children and the elderly, and the complete destruction of civilian, health and media facilities, UNRWA schools, places of worship and others... via the scorched earth policy and genocide at the hands of the Israeli occupation state in its aggression against the Gaza Strip.
Our people’s resistance to the occupation comes in response to the massacres of its soldiers and settlers in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip for months and years, and at the hands of the government of Israel, which declared war on our people and our land in successive campaigns of ethnic cleansing, mass deportation, emptying our land of its owners, and residents, and arresting thousands of citizens who were thrown into prison without trial and without any charges being brought against them. 
The Strip has been subject to an unjust siege since 2007, and aggressive and military actions through which the Strips’s infrastructure was destroyed, including energy production, the drinking water network, hospitals, schools, youth clubs, research centers, and media institutions. The aggression also targeted our national Islamic and Christian sanctities, they were desecrated and violated by herds of settlers, and their doors were closed to worshipers and believers, Muslims and Christians.
The number of martyrs of our people during the past two years (2021, 2022) has exceeded 600 martyrs, including 140 children, in addition to more than 24 thousand injured, in addition to 15 thousand cases of arrest. In addition to the demolition of more than 850 buildings in the West Bank alone.
The settlers form armed gangs that commit crimes against our people daily. According to reports of the Security Committee in the Israeli Knesset, there are 165 thousand weapons distributed to the settlers, by the occupying state, which is equivalent to one weapon for every five settlers. In 2022, settlers committed more than 800 attacks against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, including burning the towns of Huwara and Turmus Ayya, on their residents, with the support of the occupation forces, in full view of its soldiers.
With its brutal actions, the occupation challenges the international community, its positions, and the resolutions of international legitimacy that condemned the occupation and international settlement, as they are a violation of international legitimacy resolutions, human rights principles, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which guarantees the rights of civilians under foreign occupation.
The United States once again revealed its bias towards the occupying state, when US President Joe Biden announced more than once his support for the Netanyahu government, declaring war on our people and sending pieces of the US Sixth Fleet to the shores of occupied Palestine, in support of the Israeli war on our people.
The right of our Palestinian people to defend themselves, their land, their national dignity, and their legitimate national rights, guaranteed by international legitimacy resolutions, and to liberate their land from occupation and settlement, is a sacred right guaranteed by international legitimacy, the Bill of Human Rights, and international charters of all nationalities. 
The international community, states, peoples and institutions, first and foremost the United Nations, must bear its moral, humanitarian and political responsibilities, which dictate its obligations towards international laws and conventions, including international legitimacy resolutions, which recognize our people’s freedom on their land and their right to their independent, fully sovereign state on the June 4 borders. (June) 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital, and resolving the refugee issue in accordance with Resolution 194, which guarantees them the right to return to the homes and properties from which they were displaced since 1948.
We, in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, one of the founders of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole legitimate representative of our people, come forward from you and we are confident that you will stand by our people and their right to repel aggression and resist the occupation, and support it with everything you can, including:
1) Condemn the Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip, and condemn the genocide and scorched earth campaigns against them.
2) Pressure on your governments to adopt a position based on international legitimacy resolutions and covenants regarding the right of peoples to defend their lands and rights in the face of occupations.
3) Call on your governments to support a Palestinian delegation and its movements at the United Nations.
4) Organizing relief campaigns in all their forms, to save the lives of the wounded and provide relief to the displaced.
Long live your solidarity with our Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle against the Israeli occupation and for freedom.
Department of Foreign affairs
In the Central Committee For the 
Democratic Front for the
Liberation of Palestine
16 – 10 - 2023