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“Understanding of Zionism…” available again

A Canadian friend has sent us a Canadian reprint of a 3-part article on Zionism that was first published in Vanguard in 1975.

The series provides evidence of collaboration between Nazi and Zionist leaders to prioritise the escape of certain Jews to Palestine at the expense of the vast majority left to suffer and die in the concentration camps. An example is provided of Hungary where Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner collaborated with the man who was Commissar of all German concentration camps, Kurt Becher.  Becher was saved from prosecution at Nuremburg by Kastner, and lived in Germany until 1995. He became a fabulously wealthy businessman in Germany after the war, doing business with Israel. Kastner, however, was prosecuted in Israel and subsequently assassinated. The author claims this may have been to conceal the full extent of the collaboration between Zionist leaders and the Nazis.

At the time of writing, the author did not have access to an equally damning study of the fate of Jews in Holland under the Nazis. Jewish Dutch historian Jacob Presser presented evidence of the collaboration between Zionist Jewish community leaders and the Nazis as the latter progressively deprived Dutch Jews of their rights and shipped them to concentration camps and death. His book,  Ashes in the Wind: The Destruction of Dutch Jewry was published in 1965, but was out of print for many years, only being reprinted in 2010.  

Our Canadian friend suggested we reprint and publish this 3-part series, and a retyped version would have perhaps been more readable, but given the current interest in Israeli Zionism’s war on Gaza Palestinians, we have decided to instead make the Canadian pdf immediately available. It can be accessed here in our booklets section.