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Albanese Government Facing Charges of "Supporting War Crimes"

Last week ALP Senator Fatima Payman broke ranks with the official Party line when she spoke up in the Senate against Israel's acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza. She also defended the supporters of Palestinian people's struggle using the chant, "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free."

Albanese and his Cabinet Ministers quickly tried to shut down her comments and isolate her.
However the situation only got worse for the Albanese Government as it tried to shut Senator Payman's comments down.

The Australian Muslim Advocacy Network's AMAN Foundation was endorsed as a deductible gift recipient in the May Budget last Tuesday. A couple of days later AMAN wrote an open letter to the Senate opposing a motion in the Senate which tried to condemn the chant "From the River to the Sea..."

The AMAN letter said " From the River to the Sea is a call for freedom from Palestinians and their allies, fundamentally different from the annexation and colonization promoted by Netanyahu’s ruling Likud under the same phrase." Likud’s founding statement in 1977 said “between the sea and the Jordan river, there will only be Israeli sovereignty”. This expressed Zionist religious exclusiveness and supremacy to be achieved by the extinction of Palestine and its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The AMAN letter was followed by a director of AMAN, Moustafa Kheir leading a legal move to refer the Prime Minister to the International Criminal Court as an accessory to genocide, sending aa 92-page paper explaining the PM's complicity.

The media commentaries that Albanese may go to an early election are not surprising as each day the PM and his Government become more isolated from the people, especially western suburbs of Sydney where support for Palestinians is high.