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Imperialists divided and isolated in the face of resolute Palestinian resistance

Written by: Ned K. on 24 January 2024


As the first month of 2024 draws to a close, Palestinian people's resistance to the Israeli Defense Force's aggression in Gaza and the West Bank remains strong. 

Global support actions for the Palestinian people continues to grow, whether it be action in small regional towns or major cities like Melbourne, London, Paris or Cairo or New York.

In Israel itself, the Netanyahu Government is powerless to stop the larger and larger demonstrations for a permanent cease fire and release of Israeli hostages in Gaza. Relatives of some of the hostages, such as Noam Dan, cousin of Israeli captive Ofer Calderon, accuse Netanyahu of "enacting on us the Hannibal Directive", an IDF policy according to which it was better to have Israeli soldiers killed by their own troops than taken hostage. Noam Dan says Natanyahu is intentionally killing captives in Gaza and refuses to negotiate their return so he can extend his political survival. "My government is annihilating them," he said. 

Israel's main imperialist backer, USA, has had to ramp up its military "aid" to Netanyahu at a time when the USA Biden regime is also facing demands from the Ukraine Government for more weapons for use against Russian imperialism. 

The Biden government also has its hands full ensuring safe passage of freight through the Red Sea. To add to its woes, Biden is facing electoral defeat in the Presidential election later this year and there is pressure on him to at least be seen to be bringing an end to the military spending for wars overseas in the Middle Est and Ukraine and to address the cost of living issues facing millions of people inside the USA.

While Biden faithfully carries out the wishes of the pro-Israel big business lobby in the USA, he is faced with a fast-growing movement of Jewish people in the USA who support the Palestinians through organizations such as Jewish Voice For Peace.

Faced with this deteriorating situation for the Israeli Government, US imperialism and its allies including the Australian Government, are busy hatching new "solutions" to end the armed struggle in Gaza and the West Bank on imperialism's terms.

Biden, echoed by Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, calls for a two-state solution of a state of Israel and an ill-defined state of Palestine. 

They think they can impose such a solution on the colonized Palestinians and there are press reports of this so-called solution being attached to a deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

There are also media reports of high-ranking military leaders in the USA admitting that the Israeli Defense Force goal of wiping out armed resistance by Palestinians in Gaza is just not going to happen.

The chances of their two-state solution happening, let alone succeeding from an imperialist perspective are pretty much nil.

Why is this so? 

Firstly, Palestinian people have had decades of bitter experience of what a so-called two state solution means in practice - increasing expansion of Israeli settlements and apartheid-like conditions for Palestinians.

Secondly, US imperialism's Biden government has lost full control of the fascist monster it created, Netanyahu and his henchmen. The latter want a single Zionist state with what is now Gaza and West Bank occupied territory to be part of that single Zionist state, colonized by Israelis. 

US imperialism and its allies like the Australian governments over many decades have been on the wrong side of history again and again, most notably in the Vietnam War when a small country, Vietnam, defeated US imperialism to signal the start of its decline as the number one imperialist power in the world.

The heroic Palestinian people are putting another nail in the coffin of the world's biggest but declining imperialist power.

They are sure to win and deserve the peoples of the world's continued visible active support. 

Their win will be defined by the Palestinian themselves.


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