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Smash this system to the ground it’s built on


An ex-BLF mate Lennie texted on the night of Prince Philip’s death, “$14 million a year to walk around with his hands behind his back. Are you serious? 
“Cheated death, ha, riding a horse carriage. Try scaffolding, knobhead.” 
Yet Lennie is more than a wit. Until her death in 2009, Lennie supported Letty Scott’s fight for justice for her husband Douglas, murdered in Darwin’s Berrimah Prison in 1985. Douglas Scott ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 12


Say Their Names: Thirty more years of deaths in custody


For many of us in NSW, Aunty Leetona Dungay (pictured with rasied fist) has become the face of resistance to state murders of First Peoples in custody. 
Militant struggle and continent-wide anger brought about the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, which delivered its report 30 years ago on 15 April. It investigated 99 deaths, men, women – and even children. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 12


Save the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River!


Rob McBride is a grazier and owner of Tolarno Station on the Barka/Darling River.
He and his daughter Kate have been relentless campaigners against the giant corporate irrigators whose water extraction – legal and illegal - has destroyed the Barka.
His response to proposals to turn corporate irrigators loose on Western Australia’s Martuwarra/Fitzroy River is unambiguous. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 11


The US Far Right, Psy-ops and Australia


The demise of the Trump administration in Washington has been accompanied by moves to maintain their far-right political agenda with psychological operations (psy-ops) in preparation for a further challenge for the presidency in due course.

Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, for example, was recently allowed prime media space in the Australian to articulate a number of highly questionable and misleading statements in the classic style of psy-ops.

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 09


Buy now, suffer later?


Recently there has been a massive increase in the use of Buy Now Pay Later. BNPL allows a customer to make a purchase and pay for the goods or service over four equal instalments linked to their debit or credit card.

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 09


Enterprise Bargaining System Isolates Workers - Workers Want United Action


When the federal Labor Government under Hawke and Keating legislated in the early 1990s for Enterprise Agreements to become the main method for workers to protect and advance wages and conditions, the ACTU leaders at the time told workers it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

IR Minister Laurie Brereton went one better and amended the industrial laws to enable employers to "negotiate" non-union Enterprise Agreements with workers on ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 03


Global Warming: The threat to Australia's agriculture


The leadership of the National Party can deny the existence of Climate Change as much as they like, but there is no denying the reality of Global Warming. Worse is yet to come.

more...- Posted on 2021 Apr 02


Saviours no more: Finance capital, Greensill, Gupta and the Whyalla steelworks.


Over the Labour Day long weekend news filtered through that the ‘saviour’ of the Whyalla steelworks, Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance, was experiencing difficulty with its finances. That is, one of GFG’s key financiers, Greensill Capital, has spectacularly imploded leaving question marks hanging over GFG Alliance’s ability to continue its various operations here in Australia and overseas. 


more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 30


Film review: White Riot, a documentary by Rubika Shah


The release, in Australia, of the film White Riot has provided an important contribution toward our understanding of the forces of reaction and the ability of ordinary working people to organise effectively to combat the menace of racism.

The forces operating behind the main theme of the film are extremely historically important; they provide many insights into the age.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 26


Stop silencing our scientists! – Part 2


In 2017, as a direct response to Donald Trump’s incessant attacks on science, US citizens called for a March for Science.  The march was held on Earth Day to emphasise the link to climate change denialism. Around the world, more than a million people marched.
People organised to march in Australia too, the inaugural march occurring on 22 April. People were angered that then Treasurer Scott “Scummo” Morrison had used ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 24


Stop silencing our scientists! – Pt. 1


The revelation, yesterday, that the NSW government had tried to change the work of a scientist preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on a proposal to raise the height of Sydney’s Warragamba Dam will sadly come as no surprise to the scientific community.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 24


New Booklet: An Overview of the History of the CPA (M-L) in South Australia


A new online booklet telling the history of the CPA (M-L) in South Australia from the Party's founding in 1964 to the present day has been published on our website.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 22


International Automotive Workers Coordination: Auto workers struggles across the world


We are pleased to publish the International Information Letter of the International Automotive Workers Coordination, which documents the continuous struggles and solidarity actions of Auto workers across the world. A former car industry comrade has provided a short introduction on the demise of the auto industry here in Australia.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 21




The Living Income For Everyone (LIFE) and SA Anti-Poverty Network organised a small but effective rally on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide on Friday afternoon 19 March.

The two main banners. Poverty Is A Political Choice and Tax The Rich, Make Them Pay To End Poverty were highly visible to pedestrians passing by and to the many cars passing Parliament House on busy North Terrace.


more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 21




The forerunner of the National Party, the Country Party, was formed after the December 1919 election by a group of MPs who had been elected to represent rural interests. In 1924 the Country Party entered into an agreement to form a coalition with the conservative Nationalist Party. Since then, the Country Party and its successors have continued to be members of  a coalition party with the conservative parties, although not always ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 20


The QUAD Summit and US expectations of the Australian military


The recent Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) summit in March was given widespread media coverage. A subsequent high-level diplomatic visit to Asia a few days later, however, was given extremely limited publicity despite its importance for US-led regional alliances.

The developments take place amid an escalation of diplomatic tensions where observers openly discuss war preparations, within a context of a changing balance of forces away from US-led traditional hegemonic positions.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 18


Women's struggle is a class struggle


Women’s “March 4 Justice” swept across the country on March 15 as almost 100,000, mainly women, rallied against the relentless violence and discrimination against women.

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 17


Book Review: The Jakarta Method


The recently published The Jakarta Method - Washington's Anti-Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program which shaped our world, Vincent Bevins (New York, 2020). is a timely reminder of political expedience during the previous Cold War with the defence and security of 'US interests' being the core of foreign policy. Focussed upon the significance of developments in Indonesia during 1965-66 which resulted in an estimated million people losing their lives,

Bevins ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 16


Women are on the move


A march of strength, March 4 Justice was.
Today on my feed are pictures of rallies from all over NSW. Last night we saw and heard from round this continent. But yesterday among 10,000 or more in Sydney, I saw only a handful of friends. 
Didn’t matter. Many women in black, and some men, on the train with a sense of common purpose, of going somewhere very important. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 16


SA ambulance dispute flares up, sent into mediation


SA ambulances are covered in anti-government slogans. Ambos are refusing to charge patients who have to be ramped outside hospital emergency services. Individual paramedics talk out their grievances on public radio and television news services, despite threats from management.
This is part of an ongoing dispute that began under the previous state Labor government and has only been exacerbated under the Marshall Liberals despite a pre-election pledge to fix ramping. ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Mar 11


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