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Did capitalist corner-cutting kill the Thylacine?


Amidst the ongoing crisis of environmental destruction across Australia, countless species of plants, fungi, animals and so on are rapidly becoming threatened with extinction. In order to save as many of these as possible, it is important to have as accurate as possible an “inventory” of threatened species. Some organizations, most notably the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), attempt to do exactly this. However, as we described ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Dec 04


There’s no space for warfare in Space


On November 30, the Australian Defence Magazine hosted a Space Summit in Canberra.
If the various imperialist blocs actually honoured the UN Outer Space Treaty, formally the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, there would never have been such a Summit.

more...- Posted on 2023 Dec 04


Imperialist Rivalry Plays Out in Fight for Control of Australia's Rare Earth Minerals Deposits


While all the hand shaking and well-wishing between Prime Minister Albanese during his recent meetings with US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, on the economic front, the competition for access and control of raw materials, a feature of imperialist rivalry, continues.

With changes in technology this competition spreads to new raw materials required by capitalist production. One of the new areas is the desperate search for access and ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Dec 04


DFLP: The future of the Gaza Strip is an internal Palestinian matter


Some political positions are presented by Western officials about their vision for the future of the Gaza Strip after the aggression. Israel expressed its position that it wants to install “a new security system in the Gaza Strip” in addition to what it describes as “liquidating the infrastructure of the Palestinian resistance.” In another place, the Israeli prime minister said: “After the war, there will be no civil authority in ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 29


Mr Mundine, stop harming kids if you want them to go to school!


Before the Referendum, Warren Mundine revealed plans to completely crush or assimilate First Peoples, to silence them, and provoke their allies to hit out blindly.  
Alongside Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Coalition politicians and former prime ministers, Mr Mundine is a self-serving spokesperson for far-right corporations. These corporation know strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and language stands in the way of their profits from Aboriginal lands. 


more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 29


Opposition to Zionism is not anti-Semitism.


Ever since international solidarity with the Palestinian resistance to Zionist aggression against Gaza emerged after October7, the Zionist lobby and its supporters have charged their opponents with anti-Semitism.

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 26


The Factors of Production in Contemporary Australia


A recent Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) poll has revealed a large-scale reaction to the Australian corporate-led agenda of pushing their profits to the detriment of basic workers' rights and attempting to undermine and vandalise the Closing the Loopholes Bill passing through Canberra. The findings, together with other additional information, provide all trade-unionists with data to strengthen their bargaining power at all levels of industrial relations in workplaces across ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 25


Zionist State Of Israel Always Dependent On Imperialist Powers


The theoretical founders of the political Zionist movement in Europe from the 1880s were well aware that their desire for a region in the world for exclusively Jewish people was dependent on the support of the imperialist powers. 


more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 25


Pilbara Train Drivers Take industrial Action Against BHP


About 400 train drivers in the Pilbara voted to take industrial action in pursuit of higher wages and better conditions. The train drivers transport iron ore from BHP owned mines to the coast for export to steel corporations in other countries, including China.


more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 22


Will US base new Typhon strike weapon in Australia?


According to a US report last Saturday, the US plans to deploy a new long-range missile launcher in the Indo-Pacific next year.
Known as Typhon, the land-based system is designed to launch Raytheon’s existing SM-6 missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit targets between the Precision Strike Missile’s (PrSM’s) planned 500-kilometer range and the 2,776-kilometer reach of the future Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW).

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 21


How Secure Are Australia's Defence Bases?


There are many military bases in Australia. There are air force bases, army bases, navy bases, rocket and missile bases, signal bases and proof ranges and training bases. Since September 11, 2001 when Al Qaeda operatives used planes to target the twin towers in New York, security measures at defence bases and domestic and international airports have received more attention and resources from successive Australian Governments. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 19


Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip continue (2006-2023)


The comrades at the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) have asked political parties everywhere to publicise their statement on Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip. We are more than happy to oblige - eds.

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 17


Palestine will live!


The Palestinian people’s protracted struggle for self-determination and liberation is inspiring people the world over.   

Centuries of oppression, from slavery to Palestine today, show that the oppressed will resist, organise rebellions and revolutions for freedom, national liberation and class struggle.  

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 16


Will AUKUS turn us into the world’s nuclear waste dump?


While Albo and Marles are confident that the US Congress will approve the sale of several second-hand nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, doubt remains in the US over the wisdom of the whole AUKUS arrangements.

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 14


Book review - Missing the point: Alison Pennington's "Gen F'D"


To tread the dangerous path of summarising a book in one word, let’s settle on disappointing. If Pennington succeeded in one aspect, it is demonstrating just how void the mainstream Australian left is today, and how much farther we have to go before any of us can provide genuine explanation and battle against the current tumults. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 14


Corporate management and the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship


A recent study of the views of Australians toward the economy has produced some interesting insights; a substantial section of the electorate has serious concerns about corporate management.


more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 13


Solidarity with the garment workers of Bangladesh


We have received a request from Bangladesh to support the struggles of garment workers. In the face of severe repression, including killings, they are demanding to be lifted above their poverty-level wages. According to Australian support group ActionAid, “the mainly women workers at the heart of the industry are routinely expected to work 12-to-16-hour days, six days a week in unsafe and exploitative working conditions.” Organisations such as Union Aid ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 11


Albanese’s visit to China – a different China from the one Whitlam visited in 1973


Recently Prime Minister Albanese visited China and met with the Chinese Communist Party's leader Xi Jinping. Albanese and his government know they have a problem. Their political and military allegiance is with US imperialism and this has deepened through its commitment to AUKUS, nuclear submarines and an expansion of US military bases of one form or another in Australia. US imperialism's main target is China. The problem for Albanese and ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 10


Bosses still out to undermine Awards in changing workforce


While the federal government in Canberra makes minor amendments and deals with opposition to their Closing the Loopholes Bill, some reports emerging about the changing composition of the Australian workforce have not raised concerns from the business-classes.  In fact, the business-classes have remained totally quiet about the massive growth of temporary work visas, which hinder security of longer-term, viable employment and permanent residency leading to citizenship status.

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 06


Imperialism and the Israeli state condemned Palestinians to poverty.


In his book Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine , Jeff Halper provides readers with an insight into how imperialism and the Israeli state imposed their neo-liberal economic policies on the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) to impoverish the Palestinian people.

more...- Posted on 2023 Nov 05


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