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AUSMIN 2022: Putting us further under the US thumb.


The annual meeting of US and Australian Ministers of Defence and Foreign Policy (AUSMIN) concluded with a Joint Statement on Australian-US Ministerial Consultations.
The document emphasises the continuing subordination of Australian sovereignty to US imperialism.
It also exposes Labor Ministers Penny Wong and Richard Marles as agents of influence of a foreign power, the US. It is not going too far to label them as traitors to the cause of ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 07


Free Violet Coco!


Extinction Rebellion activist Violet Coco has been jailed for 15 months, with a non-parole period of eight months, for stopping traffic in Sydney to protest against climate change.
Her sentence is so draconian that UN Human Rights Watch has found that authorities in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) are disproportionately punishing climate protesters in violation of their basic rights to peaceful protest. Their research has shown that ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 06


CPA (M-L) responds to misrepresentation by the CPA


We are making public here several pieces of correspondence sent by us to the General Secretary of the CPA, to its President, and to its general office.
The correspondence relates to misrepresentations of policies and practices adopted by our Party in a previous era. By implication, they are also directed at our current policies and practices.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 05


New booklet: Russia's New African Adventure


We have a new booklet posted on our website.  

It is a country-by-country survey of Russia's growing presence in Africa.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 04


China update: The working class must lead the movement!


December 1. The movement continues to take a turn for the worse and the solidarity movement in Urumqi is now, so to speak, completely cut off from the reality of the rest of the Chinese people. It has become a movement of the liberals. We have to break with them and demand that the original aims of the movement and the needs of the socialist revolutionary line come to the ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 04


US strips Australian citizen of rights


An extradition case being played out with a Cold War spy drama has raised serious civil liberties issues for all Australian citizens. The case also has serious implications for the sovereignty of Australia and the nature of its 'alliance' with the US, particularly with the South Pacific and what actually constitutes espionage.

All governments remain apprehensive about 'spy cases', which invariably reveal unintended and confidential information from within the corridors ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 04


"Sign up for the future of Oz"


South Australia’s Murdoch empire-owned Sunday Mail newspaper for Sunday 4 December 2022 had a two-page lead article spread headed "Sign Up For The Future Of Oz".

The article detailed the skills shortages for jobs in Australia's growing naval, air-force, army and missile manufacturing industry. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 03


Update from China: Raise the red flag!


(On December 1, we posted our translation of a contribution sent to us by Chinese comrades. We  are now posting an update, dated November 30, which particularly identifies the role of opportunism within the current mass movements, and the reliance of such opportunism on US-led imperialism. This is our translation, and we have not been able to check with our Chinese friends on its accuracy. However, we are confident that ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 03


Significance For Workers of Eureka Stockade 3 December 1854


3 December is celebrated as the anniversary day of the Eureka Stockade of 1854.

The miners involved in that struggle in 1854 were mainly independent miners but their struggle against an oppressive British colonial power in Victoria at the time had support of working people throughout the colony. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 03


The Law fails again.


The shock decision to drop charges against the alleged rapist of Brittany Higgins is a damning indictment of the legal system.

The first trial against the alleged rapist had to be abandoned just before sentencing following the discovery of actions of a juror that compromised the process. A date for a new trial in 2023 was set.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 02


China: A revolutionary summary of the experience of the current state of the campaign in November.


(Our Party has received the following contribution. We print it in solidarity with Chinese comrades struggling to lift the spontaneous struggles currently taking place in China to a higher level of conscious action – Eds)
I see the problem with the movement groups over there, it's always good to have movements. But there is too much liberal thinking in there, still trying to divorce the movement from politics, still thinking ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 01


Will trillionaires or Iran’s people benefit from another revolution?


When the 1979 Iranian revolution overthrew the brutal regime of the British and US-installed Shah, people worldwide celebrated. Like those of us who celebrated when the US was defeated by tiny Vietnam, Muslims particularly were overjoyed.  Torture, random imprisonments, murder, suppression had been smashed. Later it became clear that CIA had played a major role in taming the army and making the Shah leave the country.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 01


Preliminary proposals on the attitude and position of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist activists in the current mass struggle ...


Dear comrades, in the past few days, large-scale protests and demonstrations against the reactionary lockdown policy of the bourgeois authorities have broken out in major cities in the country. After discussing with some comrades of the editorial department, I would like to put forward some preliminary suggestions on the current situation of struggle...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 29


Digicel and imperialist rivalry in the South Pacific


Moves by the US and Japan to both contribute $73 million toward Australian Telstra's acquisition of Digicel Pacific, has formalised a highly geo-strategic telecommunications system, linked to US-led triangular regional military and security provision. While there was talk of economic development, the Telstra system is more concerned with formal control over two sensitive areas of the Pacific in the name of 'US interests'.

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 28


Victorian Election Result No Surprise - Labor Re-elected As Workers' Struggle Rises


During the evening of the Victorian State Election on Saturday 26 November, I watched the results of the count on ABC TV. By 10.30pm it was pretty clear that the Andrews Labor Government would prevail for another term. 

For someone like myself living outside Victoria, this came as no surprise. In the lead up to the election, the big business media tried its best to get people to vote the ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 27


Even if the “Great White” iron fist comes, Foxconn workers will win!


Chinese workers are engaging in mass struggles across many provinces. In Henan province, the Taiwanese factory Foxconn, which manufactures Apple iPhones, saw strikes break out in October over managements heavy-handed methods to deal with a Corona virus outbreak, and disputes over pay and conditions. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 26


What Ukraine and Taiwan say about Australia’s future


In Mid-March of this year, less than a month after the start of its ongoing war against the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian government banned 11 opposition parties due to alleged “links to Russia”. 
Some publications have erroneously described this event as a ban specifically targeted at left-wing opposition, but while not all of these were leftist parties (and some may indeed have had ties to the Russian government), this is ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 20


Imperialist alliances strengthen in Asia-Pacific


Recent developments suggest that the Japan and the UK are set to embark on a pact which aims to strengthen military co-operation and deter what they call the rising threat that China poses. This deal, known as the “Reciprocal Access Agreement” will remove the bureaucracy associated with military exercises and operations between the two countries and is also a significant symbolic agreement given the high levels of tension between the ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 18


Spy ships and underwater drones


Hidden in recent budget papers, reference to a sensitive defence project involving the acquisition of a ship to form part of a network of sensors and drones, has carried all the hallmarks of clandestine operations. It also indicated US control of the sensor network, although Australian tax-payers have footed the $155 million for the vessel. There has been no comment from the present Albanese government; the acquisition originated in government ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 14


SA Unions’ Strong Support For First Nations Voice


On Friday 11 November, SA Unions held its annual Organizing Conference. The theme for the Conference was "Building A Stronger Movement, Together". 

"Together" did not only refer to members of all Unions building a stronger workers’ movement but a movement committed to campaign for a "Yes" vote in next year's Referendum to see a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution and the formation of a Makarrata Commission for ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Nov 13


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