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   May Day 2022

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Oppose the Taliban’s war on women!


The following statement on the Taliban’s misogynistic repression of Afghan women was recently released by the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan. It followed the Taliban’s reactionary decree on enforcing the wearing of the hijab.  Down with patriarchy everywhere! 


more...- Posted on 2022 May 19


Federal election and the khaki component


Any doubts about the Morrison coalition government's attempt to make the 2022 federal election one steeped in US-led militarism, can easily be dispelled by their last-minute announcements about their acquisition of over forty naval helicopters from the US together with other related diplomatic hostilities toward the Solomon islands.

The manner in which the announcement about the helicopters was finally made in Canberra has raised serious questions about the nature of ...

more...- Posted on 2022 May 16


Locals stand up to developers at Toondah Harbour


The Cleveland – Redland Bay area of Brisbane is on the shores of Moreton Bay – a traditionally working class and small farming region, it has been gradually “gentrified” over the past few decades as the market farms were sold to developers building large housing estates.

more...- Posted on 2022 May 15


Martin O’Malley – Comrade and Friend


Martin O’Malley, former State secretary of the CFMEU and President of SA Unions, died on April 29, 2022.  Speakers at his funeral, held today in Adelaide, included his daughter Lisa’s fiancé Ben; former CFMEU organiser, now working for the United Workers Union, Darren Roberts; Kuku Yalangi man John Hartley; and friend and comrade from Chrysler Rank and File days, as well as the BLF and CFMEU, Allen Harris.
The following ...

more...- Posted on 2022 May 12


Vale - Stephen Darley


(The following eulogy was read at the funeral of Stephen Darley by Michael Williss)

It is a great privilege for me to talk today to the family and close friends of our comrade, Stephen Darley.


more...- Posted on 2022 May 11


Up in the air over copter sales


Authorities in China’s Taiwan Province have announced that they will not proceed with the purchase of 12 new MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters.

The helicopters are made by Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky.

more...- Posted on 2022 May 07


Latest figures on foreign ownership of Australian agriculture


The latest statistics from the Foreign Investment Review Board regarding foreign investment in Australian agriculture are as always, interesting reading.

more...- Posted on 2022 May 06


Morrison Government’s dying days defence acquisition


The procurement, by the Morrison coalition government, in their dying days before the forthcoming federal election, of forty Austrian-made Schiebel S100 Camcopter drones, as the initial batch of a $1.3 billion program for the Australian Navy, was given little publicity in mainstream media.


more...- Posted on 2022 May 05


Stagnant Wages - Big Business taking Billions


In the election commentary, there’s a lot of discussion about how wages have been stagnant, locked down, held way below inflation for the last decade. They are actually losing value to inflation.
Where has that lost value been going? 

more...- Posted on 2022 May 05


Neglect – Where Current Funding leaves Aged Care


Neglect was the title of the interim report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety issued in October 2019. 
The full report issued in February 2021 confirmed nothing had changed. Their recommendations remain lists on pages of their report.  

more...- Posted on 2022 May 05


$23.70 an hour, One Aged Care Worker's Bitter Resignation


A friend has been an aged care worker for a bit more than a year. She’s been providing services to support aged and disabled people to stay in their homes. 
She has just given her notice, leaving her permanent part-time position early in May.
Her story is a trajectory experienced by many in the industry, heralding even greater staffing crises in aged care and disabled services ahead. 

more...- Posted on 2022 May 05


May Day


May Day rallies were held across Australia celebrating the solidarity of the working class and the international struggle for a better world. Demands were raised for higher wages, the right to strike, abolish anti-worker laws and the ABCC, self-determination for the First People, the right to affordable housing and childcare, secure jobs and dealing with the climate crisis, for peace and socialism.


more...- Posted on 2022 May 03


For First Peoples, justice will only be won through socialism


“When we are going to get JUSTICE?” 

On the steps of Darwin Court, Warlpiri Elder Ned Jampijinpa Hargraves’ cry of rage and despair accused a system that ensured over 500 First Peoples died in custody since 1992, with no one held accountable. 

Justice is First Peoples’ lands and waters, their culture and lore, their safety, ALL their own affairs – in their own hands. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 30


NSW Teachers Fight for More Than Thanks


New South Wales public school teachers will take 24-hour strike action on 4 May after a term of unprecedented difficulty in schools. This is the second 24-hour state-wide strike in six months by NSW Teachers Federation members and comes amidst a wave of industrial action by NSW public sector workers fed up with a legislated 2.5% wage cap that has frozen wages for a decade. Current CPI of 5.1% means ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 30


Chinese billionaire has big plans to change the Kimberley landscape


A Chinese-owned pastoral company has received a “letter of reprimand” from the WA Government after illegally clearing vegetation from 120 hectares of land near Derby in 2019.

Traditional owners, the Nyikina Mangala people, prevented further destruction when they blockaded the property and prevented contractors from entering.

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 28




May Day 2022 and May 8. and 9. – International Days of Struggle  for Workers’ Rights, Peace, Freedom, and Socialism!
Active resistance against any imperialist war and the danger of World War!

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 28


Book Review: Class in Australia


The concept of CLASS, the existence of classes and the struggle of classes is central to Marxism-Leninism. It is essential for Marxist-Leninist parties to analyse the class structure in the society of their country. Mao Zedong carefully analysed the classes in Chinese society in his 1926 article Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society. This is an excellent example of class analysis.  

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 28


22 April 1870 – The Day Lenin Was Born. What Is Lenin’s Significance For Workers In 2022?


What a contrast between Lenin’s commitment to build working class power in Russia culminating in the Russian workers’ revolution in October 1917 and on the other hand the anti-worker leader of Russia today Vladimir Putin. Putin’s grand vision is to build a Russian empire to emulate tsarist Russia, the very regime that Russian workers overthrew in 1917!

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 26


Auto workers build unity and mutual support through struggle


From time to time, we have posted messages of support and appeals for support from the International Auto Workers Coordination.  The destruction of car manufacturing industry in Australia and elsewhere has brough home to workers who remain in that industry a heightened political understanding and awareness.


more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 26


Cash promises new attacks on construction workers.


The Morrison Government’s Industrial Relations Minister Michaelia Cash today stated that if the Morrison Coalition Government is returned at the May 21 election, it will double the maximum penalties for serious, deliberate and repeated breaches of the law covering workplace behaviour in the construction industry.

more...- Posted on 2022 Apr 20


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