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Global inequality grows under capitalism.


Wealth inequality has increased dramatically around the world during the pandemic.

The already rich have taken the opportunities provided by the misfortune of COVID to take their wealth to even more obscene levels. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Feb 06


Resistance flares on Invasion Day


“We ain’t goin’ nowhere!” Lynda-June Coe’s declaration met thunderous applause from the 10,000 at Sydney’s January 26 protest. Round the country, almost 100,000 rallied, with 80-90,000 in Melbourne.
The Wiradjuri and Badu Islander woman introduced the day’s fiery thread, “What do we want? Land rights!” This demand confronts two centuries of criminality.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 31


“Revolution and the Australian State” republished.


In 1974, founding Chairperson of the CPA (M-L), Ted Hill, published an analysis of the Australian Constitution and the machinery of state that serves capitalism.
This work has been unavailable for many years. We have now had it re-typed and placed on our website as a pdf.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 30


Australia’s submarines a US secret


The continued stalling of Australia's submarine program and contradictory statements issued by US government officials have revealed security concerns with reliable allies. The statements, furthermore, have raised serious implications for the Australian ruling class’s own defence and security, which is supposed to be primarily focussed upon national considerations and sovereignty. To the contrary, Australia's foreign policies have quite clearly been shown to focus upon 'US interests'.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 29


Are Governments Listening To First Nations Peoples?


There will be limitations to the effectiveness of the Albanese Government's proposed Voice for First Nations Peoples through an advisory body to the federal government, assuming a Yes vote in the proposed Referendum later this year.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 29


NSW Greens take stand for First Peoples’ justice


When Greens NSW speak of Treaty, they mean fundamental change. Their January 24 policy launch in Redfern made this clear. 
Wiradjuri, Badu Islander woman Lynda-June Coe, Greens NSW candidate in the upcoming state election, introduced the launch saying, “We want equality, not tokenistic gestures of how to fix the problems they’ve created.” 
“Invasion is a structure, not an event.”

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 28


January 26 unites First Peoples. We honour them in action.


Statement by the Central Committee 

First Peoples understand January 26. They know what invasion means – ongoing, systematic violence. The day means grief, and strength of survival uniting them in resistance. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 25


Exercise Bushido Guardian links Australian and Japanese militaries


The announcement that Australia will be joining Japan's Exercise Bushido Guardian 2023 can be regarded as part of a growing trend of closer liaison between the two most important hubs for 'US interests' in the Indo-Pacific region. The joint exercises have occurred since 2019.

Some other, related matters, also show the unequal nature of the triangular diplomatic relations.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 24


Death merchant Israeli Aerospace Industries should be kicked out of Australia.


An Australian government agency has worked hard to establish a branch of a notorious Israeli arms manufacturer in Australia.
It has been assisted to begin operations in Australia by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), the Australian Government’s international trade promotion and “investment attraction” agency.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 23


Labor splashes more money around Kimba to buy support for the nuclear dump


Resources Minister Madeleine King visited the Eyre Peninsula town of Kimba earlier this month to show her support for the construction of a low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste dump near the town.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 21


South Korea and the US – an alliance under strain


A recent curt exchange between South Korea (ROK) and the US revealed some pressing considerations about their diplomacy and the changing nature of their relations and military alliance. The right-wing presidential administration of Yoon Suk-yeol in the Blue House in Seoul had expected to receive a favourable response from Biden about proposals for strengthening relations between the two countries. They were noticeably disappointed with the stated outcome. Elsewhere, evidence emerging ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 17


Chinese make further inroads on Australian lithium


Chinese lithium miners, amongst the biggest in the world, are increasing their involvement in the extraction of this strategically important mineral.
Lithium is an essential component of electric batteries for the electric vehicle growth industry and China is a major EV manufacturer. But behind the apparently civilian application of lithium for EVs, there is also a strategic military application.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 12


Condolence letter sent to MLKP


The Central Committee of our Party has sent a condolence letter to the Marxist-Leninst Communist Party of Turkey/Kurdistan (MLKP) following the murder by Turkish drone attack of two leading members in Rojava, Syria on January 3.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 12


Australian Defence “obsessed with buying US equipment” - critics


On January 5, 2023 Defence Minister Richard Marles and Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy made a joint announcement about an Australian purchase of US-made long-range missiles and Norwegian-made naval strike missiles.
The announcement has left some associated with the defence forces angry at the secrecy associated with the purchases, and with the Defence Department’s obsession with purchasing US equipment.

more...- Posted on 2023 Jan 06


Make greater efforts in 2023 to build the revolutionary movement


We greet 2023 with mixed expectations.
On the one hand, our Party has grown, has developed in struggle, and has a higher profile and a greater influence in significant areas of the mass movement for anti-imperialist independence and socialism.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 31


Interview with Maryam Rawi, Spokesperson for RAWA


We dedicate the final day of the year to the women on the frontlines of struggle for peace and liberty.  They include the women of Ukraine, suffering for ten months following Russian imperialism’s invasion and continuing war of aggression. They include the heroic women of Afghanistan and Iran, fighting new repressions inflicted by misogynistic religious and political fundamentalists. In tribute to all these women, we publish below an interview with ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 30


New Ambassador To The USA Kevin Rudd Supports Taiwan Military Build-Up


Kevin Rudd has recently been appointed Australian Ambassador to the USA. He is already based in the USA in his role as President of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York. Prime Minister Albanese was a Rudd supporter during the Rudd/Gillard battle for the position of Prime Minister in Labor's previous period as federal government.

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 29


Bound For South Australia In 1836 - Colonial Invasion With A Difference?


Wednesday 28 December 2022 was the 186th anniversary of the proclamation of the British colony of South Australia at Pattawilya (Glenelg) in 1836. 

The then King William of England and the first Governor of the new colony, Governor Hindmarsh both made statements to the effect that the colony of South Australia was to be different from the other colonies of the British empire in that the Indigenous people were to ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 27


Vale Bruce MacFarlane


Australian Marxist economist Bruce Macfarlane (born 1936) passed away on Sunday December 11 in Christchurch, NZ, aged 86. 

Bruce was an outstanding example of an academic who used Marxist political economy to critique contemporary capitalist society.  

more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 23


US Imperialism Still Calls The Shots Despite Australia - China Dialogue


The recent short meeting in Beijing between Foreign Affairs Ministers of Australia and China was the first for over three years. Just before she jetted off to Beijing, the Murdoch-owned Adelaide Advertiser named the Foreign Minister the most powerful person in SA!


more...- Posted on 2022 Dec 23


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