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Workers Struggle Is Only Way To Reverse Declining Standard Of Living


As the cost of living increases and insecure work escalates, the hope given to workers by the new Government is that its Jobs Summit in September will show the way out of a cost of living and insecure work crisis.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 14


People of China’s Taiwan Province Have Endured Many Years of Struggle Against Western Colonialism and Japanese Militarism.


The growing rivalry between USA and China has thrown the spotlight on the island of Taiwan in recent weeks. The Australian Government and the "Opposition" led by Peter Dutton have been competing to show who has the greater allegiance to the USA in this big power rivalry.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 12


US expands Garuda Shield war games


The 2022 Garuda Shield military exercise taking place the first two weeks of August, has included Indonesia, regarded as a key western Cold War ally.

Recent high-level diplomatic initiatives with Indonesia and other regional countries, however, have revealed the predicament confronting the vast Indo-Pacific region: US-led foreign policies have been foisted upon the region without consideration for important domestic economic concerns.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 09


Pelosi's reckless visit to Taiwan also threatens Australia


You might be inclined to look at Pelosi’s interference in internal Chinese issues by speaking in Taipei as simply a desperate display of arrogance and self importance by a politician on the way out. This couldn’t be more wrong.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 08


Declaration of the International Kurdistan Conference Initiative


Our Party has always supported the Kurdish people's struggle for national self-determination and a state of their own. How that is achieved is a matter for the Kurdish people. We are not familiar enough with their complex situation to do anything but offer general in-principle support. We recommend this notice of an international conference on Kurdistan to all our readers, but particularly to the Kurdish people living in Australia.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 07


Australian Government Stance on Taiwan is Par for its Pro-USA Course


The Pelosi visit to Taiwan, the Chinese government response and Australian Government response are worth thinking about for a few minutes at least!


more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 07


Hiroshima - Never Again: SA Rally


A rally was held in Adelaide at lunchtime Friday 5 August at the busy Beehive Corner, the entrance to the city's main retail pedestrian shopping mall.

The timing of the rally at 12.30pm caught the lunch time rush as many curious and interested people walked by. Some stopped to listen to speakers, including new Greens Senator Barbara Pococ k, others listened and took photos of the banners on display. Young ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 05


Hiroshima Never Again – Mobilise for peace against imperialist war!


Peace rallies and activities commemorating the US dropping Atom bombs on the cities and people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945 are being held across Australia in all major cities and regions on 5-6 August. (See list below for all Hiroshima activities across the country.)


more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 04


Rights at work, still worth fighting for


The trade union movement led Your Rights at Work, Worth Fighting For which saw the end of the Howard Government in 2007.

The thousands of people who took action in this campaign expected the incoming ALP Government to make significant changes to the industrial laws of the Howard era. The people were let down pretty badly with the new Fair Work Act 2009 being labelled "Work Choices Lite", a reference ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 03


United tram depot workers win through against Downer Rail


After two long weeks out on the grass, members of the AMWU, ETU and RTBU at Downer Rail’s East Preston Tram Refurbishment returned to work today after a decisive and inspiring victory over management.

more...- Posted on 2022 Aug 02


Uncle Archie Roach will continue to sing and speak strength to First Peoples


A few years back, a comrade questioned why I commonly used the word ‘grassroots’ and what it means. It’s one I hear and read First Peoples use again and again to describe themselves. 

Despite his fame and success, Bundjalung and Gunditjmara man, Uncle Archie Roach, a epitomises what it means to be grassroots.

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 31


US pushes for stronger control over South Pacific


Addressing the recent Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in Suva, Fiji, in mid-July, US Vice-President Kamala Harris provided a Cold War diplomatic message which included the announcement that the US was opening two new embassies in Tonga and Kiribati, enlarging the regional Peace Corps provision, having an envoy to the PIF, and providing $600 million for economic development programs. (1) The diplomatic statement followed an earlier announcement the US was planning ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 27


The fig-leaf of a “rules-based order”


The 24th annual Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defense (CHODs) Conference is being held in Sydney from 25 to 27 July 2022. The theme for this year’s conference is Promoting the Rules-Based Order in the Indo-Pacific.
Having the US co-host an event with this theme is just like Al Capone running a convention on crime prevention.

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 26


ASEAN countries do not want war in our region


A major diplomatic statement at a regional defence summit has revealed US-led military planning for a sensitive area of the South China Seas, an area of the Indo-Pacific region regarded by the Pentagon as a 'theatre of war'. The significance of the South China Seas has been raised by the US in recent years following China emerging as a credible competitor to the traditional regional US hegemonic position. The diplomatic ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 24


Downer gets a cold shoulder from angry workers


Workers represented by the AMWU, ETU and RTBU at Downer Rail's East Preston Tram Refurbishment project downed tools as a part of protected industrial action beginning on Tuesday the 19th of July this week, Melbourne's coldest morning of the winter.


more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 22


July 20, 1972: A sidelight on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra.


The 10 o’clock Thursday lecture on twentieth-century Australian History had barely begun when one of my students, Steve Padgem, burst into the Hayden-Allen tank shouting: ‘The cops are pulling down the tent embassy! We need help to stop them!’
The class moved from thinking back on what had happened in this country, into playing our small part in shaping its future. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 19


Coming soon to a farm near you


TIAA-CREF. This mouthful of letters stands for the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America and College Retirement Equities Fund. TIAA-CREF is a New York-based pension fund and is the world’s largest investor in farmland.

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 16


Abe and Kishi: Wannabe war criminal and crook: Class-A War criminal and crook.


Shinzo Abe 
Being shot to death was too good an end for Shinzo Abe. He deserved to spend the rest of his life in Abashiri prison on the Artic Circle for his revanchist (1) strategy and corruption.

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 13


Australian soldiers training for civil conflicts


Two recent training exercises for Australian soldiers, focusing on urban warfare and civilian “protection and control”, serve as a reminder of the centrality of the armed forces to the state power exercised by the capitalist class.
Operating under the name of the Australian Defence Force, the impression is given that the armed forces exist for the protection of the sovereignty of the Australian nation and the defence of its population. ...

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 12


Abortion banned – who owns US “democracy”?


We’re told the US is the world’s most powerful democracy, that we need to defend “the international rule of law”. But just whose law?
Seventy percent of US people support women’s rights to abortion. Yet the Supreme Court ruled otherwise. To ensure their election to the court, some judges said abortion rights were “settled”. They lied. Yet they haven’t been sacked. 

more...- Posted on 2022 Jul 06


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