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South Australian First Nations Voice To Parliament Enacted


On Sunday 26 March, about 2,000 people gathered on North Terrace outside SA Parliament House in Adelaide to witness the SA First Nations Voice become law. 

Among the crowd were a large number of First Nations People, trade unionists and other non-Indigenous people. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 26


Honduras and the US-China inter-imperialist rivalry


The announcement that Honduras was changing its diplomatic allegiance to China and away from Taiwan has marked a further instalment in an unfolding Cold War drama taking place in Central America. The US has, historically, used Taiwan as a major player with their diplomatic control of the tiny region, sandwiched between the huge northern US and vast, sprawling south of Latin America. The announcement from Tegucigalpa, therefore, formed part of ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 24


The Australian Cotton Industry


Cotton has been grown in Australia since the late nineteenth century. Cotton growing started to take off in the 1960s with trials of cotton growing in the Murrumbidgee area. Today there are about 1500 cotton farms, mainly in New South Wales and Queensland.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 24


War or peace, sovereignty or subservience, truth or lies?


War or peace, sovereignty or subservience, truth or lies – these were immediate questions facing Australia, and the world, which brought over 400 people to inner Sydney Marrickville Town Hall.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 22


Gambling and Politics (or Pokies and Pollies)


The current debate about gambling in the NSW election campaign can be seen as a microcosm of the relationship between governments and businesses in capitalist societies.

That gambling in general and poker machines in particular are a blight on society is not hard to see.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 20


Doing it Tough?


Prices are up! Groceries, power, petrol, rent and mortgages have gone through the roof. 
Home loan repayments have doubled for many. Rents are soaring.
Wages haven’t kept up with living costs. Buying-power we get to work has been going down for ages. Now it’s smacking head-on into raging inflation and pumped-up interest rates.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 20


Anti-AUKUS rally and march in Melbourne


In Melbourne on Saturday 18th March, twenty years after the criminal invasion of Iraq and in fierce summer heat, about 600 people gathered at the State Library with banners and leaflets denouncing the AUKUS deal and the gutless Australian government.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 20


US pushes Japan and South Korea into unwelcome relationship


Those who follow how influence is brought to bear in diplomatic relations will have found recent US-led initiatives toward South Korea (ROK) particularly interesting. The Biden presidential administration has successfully pushed their ROK counterparts in the Blue House in Seoul toward a pro-US defence and security position, away from the more independent diplomatic line of the previous Moon Jae-in presidency.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 19


Australian government sinks to a new low


Just when many people thought that the AUKUS deal and nuclear submarines was the limit to Australia’s subservience to US imperialism! Now the Albanese Labor government has not only agreed to the US ‘neither confirm or nor deny’ policy for nuclear weapons on its visiting B-52 bombers and nuclear submarines, they have also agreed to “manage” the nuclear waste from “our” submarines at the end of their use-by date.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 19


From fury to understanding, it’s time for fundamental change.


Last year’s big electoral defeat showed people’s fury with a Coalition that considered itself untouchable, no matter what cruelty, arrogant refusal to answer or accept blame when it was exposed. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 14


Commemorating the 140th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx


We are commemorating today the 140 th anniversary of the death of the revolutionary working class leader Karl Marx.

Standing alongside his grave in London’s Highgate Cemetery three days later, Marx’s closest friend and collaborator, and the co-founder of the ideology that bears Marx’s name, Friedrich Engels, delivered a short speech  that we reprint below – Eds.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 13


Workers' Collective Action Needed To Win Significant Changes To Industrial Laws


The federal Labor Party promised significant changes to the Fair Work Act when elected in 2022. The promises were due to pressure from workers through their Unions.


more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 10


Who are these warmongers?


This week readers of the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age have been subjected to the beating of war drums by a stable of five “experts” whose views have been collated by journalists Peter Hartcher and Matthew Knott. 
In authoritative tones, the five have warned of the inevitability of war with China in 3 years and that “we are not ready’.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 08


Women and Capitalism video released


To commemorate International Women's Day, the Party has released a video,  Women and Capitalism.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 07


Reclaiming International Working Women’s Day from the champagne lunch crew


The first piece in this series by Louisa L showed class and Aboriginality overwhelmingly influence how patriarchy is experienced. This article talks of women and the work they do.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 07


As capitalism sweeps disasters aside, women carry unequal burdens


Instead of issuing a statement, this year Louisa L sought out women’s voices in the lead-up to International Women’s Day, using their words to draw conclusions. 

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 06


Barngarla court case begins with early morning rally.


Nearly 70 people gathered outside the Federal Court at 8.30am this morning in Adelaide to mark the beginning of what is expected to be a five-day hearing which it is hoped will overturn the decision to locate a nuclear waste dump on Barngarla land at Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 05


Skeletons in Holland’s closet: files on WW2 fascists to be released.


A decision taken by the Dutch government to finally open files on Nazis and their supporters in Holland during the 1930s and Second World War, has been greeted with mixed reaction. Fears have been raised about long lost and highly incriminating information suddenly entering the public domain. A number of related factors, however, might also be interest and worthy of consideration: information emerging about the Dutch Resistance and foreign policy ...

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 04


Kimba Nuclear Dump and The Voice from First Nations’ Journalist Perspective


A feature of the Adelaide Festival of Arts is Writers' Week held in the first week of March.
This year's Writers' Week theme according to its Director Louise Adler is "the notion of truth - truths we acknowledge, truths we feel are debatable and those beyond debate".


more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 04


Rail disasters: profits before safety


Train wrecks do not happen very often, but when they do, the disaster is often on a grand scale.
Below we feature comments on the Ohio, USA and Tempi, Greece disasters from working class parties in those countries.

more...- Posted on 2023 Mar 03


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