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Locals compare Sydney suburbs under lock-in to war zones


Police have been let loose in Sydney. 
Capitalists demanded our city stay open. The NSW Government complied. Covid’s fearful spread is a direct result.
Now demands rise for government action to protect peoples’ health and economic well-being. Sydney is locked down.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 24


Campaign for secure work is a worthy cause


The ACTU leadership has been investigating what are the key issues that can unite all workers in Australia. 

At a recent union forum ACTU Secretary Sally McManus said that insecure work was an issue that union members across all union memberships identified as a most important issue. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 24


NSW open for big business to spread Covid


The corporate cat stuck its head out of the Covid bag early last week in Sydney, when NSW Premier Gladys Berejilklian mentioned she was taking guidance from business leaders.






more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 19


Talisman sabre-rattling and US manoeuvres in the Philippines

The announcement in mid-July, by the US, that they would defend the Philippines against China, has been timed to coincide with two important events:
the present US-led Talisman Sabre military exercises which have been scheduled to peak during the period, 18-31 July  
the forthcoming presidential elections in the Philippines scheduled for next year.
more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 17


For peace, fight big power domination and surge towards war


The threat of war has been rising over the last few years. This year it has hit new heights, raising new levels of concern to people the world over.

People want peaceful lives and oppose any new war between the big powers. They want to be free of big power domination and bullying.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 17


SANTOS pulls out of Bight


Gas-producer SANTOS and its partner, the US-owned Murphy Oil Corporation, have pulled out of the Great Australian Bight in yet another great Australian environmental victory.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 17


Anti- China Government Policies Having An Effect


The Morrison Government has moved further into the US camp as rivalry between the US and China intensifies, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. The Murdoch press ran a story on a recently released KPMG report on Chinese investment in Australia. The report says that Chinese investment in Australia is the lowest it has been since 2007 and that it has declined by 83% since 2016!. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 17


Webinar: Our laws need to work for nature!


From the First Peoples to the most recent migrants, Australians are acutely aware of the unique nature of this continent’s flora and fauna.
Unfortunately, the history of colonial occupation and aggression has had a devastating effect on the natural environment. This is on top of the colonial genocide directed at First Peoples in the course of the unsettlers’ attempted dispossession of Country.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 17


Australian farmers leaving the dinosaurs for dead


Recently many Australians were fascinated to learn about the discovery in outback Queensland of the fossilised bones of what was Australia’s largest dinosaur Australotitan Cooperensis, nicknamed Cooper. Cooper is believed to have stood 6.5 metres high, was about 30 metres long and weighed over 70 tonnes. We can only imagine the damage that Cooper did as it trampled through the countryside of Prehistoric Queensland.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 16


Touch one, touch all – fighting call of the working class


Maritime Union of Australia members across Australia are gearing up for a long and hard fight against Svitzer-Maersk, the biggest global multinational shipping company.  Svitzer, owned by Maersk, operates 104 tug boats in Australia.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 14


As US Departs Afghanistan, A Changing Balance Of Forces Emerges


The planned withdrawal of United States and NATO troops from Afghanistan is best viewed in the context of prolonged military failure resting upon decades of poor planning and questionable intelligence assessments.

Declassified documents from the period leave few doubts, in sensible minds, about the outcome.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 12


NT Intervention must be “cleaned out” say conference participants


Mongunu Ian Gumbula, Daygurgur Gupapuyngu Elder of northeast and southeast Arnhem Land, says First Peoples are looking for “what is good for everyone.” 
Speaking at a landmark two-day conference challenging the Northern Territory Intervention, he says, “Our people are strong. They know what is best to go forward. We know best.”
Common rhythms create an overwhelming flow of communal experience and hopes.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 12


Fires still burn against murderous Intervention policies


Notes from a landmark conference marking NT Intervention’s 14 years

Aunty Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham recalls walking into Centrelink that first day, “All our people standing in line, like cattle to water.” 
“Even today,” she says, “it brings tears to my eyes.”

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 12


Unprecedented national link up demands the end of the NT Intervention


The homelands of Utopia, hundreds of kilometres northeast of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), used to be one of the healthiest communities in Australia, black or white, says Arrernte woman now resident in Melbourne, Celeste Liddle.
Never conquered or missionised, Alyawarre and Anmatjere Peoples lived in family groups, still practising land and resource management, culture and decision-making with significant self-determination. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 11


Time For A Shorter Working Week


One response of the capitalist class to the Covid-19 pandemic in North America is an acceleration of automation, particularly in services sector of the economy.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 08


Pentacostals and alleged branch-stacking in SA Liberal Party


The recent announcement that the South Australian Liberal Party State Branch had terminated the membership of a large number of members on the basis that their views were politically unacceptable may not have had much of a national focus.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 05


Geelong librarians fight for better pay


On Friday July 2nd librarians employed by the Geelong Regional Library Corporation walked off the job in an escalation of a long-running dispute over wages and conditions.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 05


US war preparations: push for NATO to expand into Indo-Pacific region


US-led moves to expand NATO into the Indo-Pacific region to counter China has raised serious questions about the future designated role of Australia. 

If Australia was used to host expanded NATO facilities the country would be placed in the front-line of US-led regional military and security provision and become a large-scale player in a future war with China.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jul 01


ICOR Resolution: "We will not be silent - we will not give in"


 We stand with the women defending the Istanbul Convention!

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 30


Book review: China Panic by David Brophy


The release of David Brophy’s book on the developing paranoia about China’s interference in Australia comes at a time when the very thing about which he is complaining featured for over a fortnight in the US and Australian media.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 30


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