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The French Far-Right: Bogus ‘Detoxification’ Campaign


Recent coverage in the mainstream Australian media about the French far-right has shown how the business-classes continue to attempt to distance themselves from controversy; from a standpoint of open gullibility and/or downright complicity.

There are important lessons for Australia.The far-right in France and globally has increased its political position by attempting to adopt a 'clean-skin' type presentation; Australia has proved no exception.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 18


Farm land prices hit record highs


Reflecting what is happening in the housing market in Australia, the prices paid for farming land in Australia have hit record heights. For example, in Victoria’s Wimmera district, land prices have more than doubled in the last year. Prices paid for properties in Victoria’s North-East and Western districts also set new records this year.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 15


A Message to the Masters of War


Tanks, guns, drones, AI goggles – all these and more were on display in Brisbane Convention Centre last week for the bi-annual arms expo, this year entitled “Land Force 2021”.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 12


Collective efforts provide relief for forgotten victims of disasters


Australia is beset by disaster, but you wouldn’t know it without scratching the surface of laid-back Dunbogan village on Birrpai Country beside the Camden Haven River, just south of Port Macquarie. 
‘Been there Dunbogan’ T shirts once sold from Dunbogan Boatshed. Even the riverbank’s civic artworks don’t impose – life-size corten steel silhouettes include a dog taking a dump. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 04


Australia’s Triton acquisition serves US imperialism’s war preparations


The changing balance of forces across the Indo-Pacific is having a dramatic effect upon US-led traditional hegemonic positions. Long standing defence and security provision is hurriedly being adapted to counter China.

A major drama is subsequently being played out in Australia as the closest US regional ally. Elsewhere, in other areas of the world similar developments are also taking place with similar outcomes. The developments will have far-reaching implications for ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 04


Duterte - a Filipino sell-out


The reactionary Duterte regime, which has murdered thousands of Filipinos in the names of drug eradication and anti-Communism, is pushing ahead with the further opening up of the country’s economy and resources to foreign finance capital – mainly Chinese, but with some Australian as well.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jun 02


Philippines: Is the US looking to change its puppets?


There is a great deal more to the recent high-level diplomatic stand-off between the Philippines and China than acknowledged by mainstream media releases from the corridors of power in Canberra. The spat has been played up; the reasons, played down.

The main cast in the Philippines are an interesting group along with their cronies: the far-right together with their military cohorts are seeking to position themselves in preparation for presidential ...

more...- Posted on 2021 May 31


Ambulance Employees' Association (SA): "Ambos won't be silenced!"


South Australian ambulance officers have had a “first round” win in their battle for safe staffing levels and increased funding from the state government.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 31


Barngarla people request help to fight Kimba nuclear waste dump


The Barngarla People are the Traditional Custodians over much of the Eyre Peninsula, including the proposed site for a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) at Kimba in South Australia. 

more...- Posted on 2021 May 28


Militarising Space: the strengthening of a regional hub for US-led operations


Canberra has begun moves to upgrade existing military communications systems with the JP 9102 Australian Defence Satellite Communications System (ADSCS) in preparation for escalating diplomatic hostilities with China and the future likelihood of real-war scenarios.

While part of larger US-led regional facilities, the planned JP 9102 ADSCS system is primarily Australia-based; revealing the significance of Australia as a strategic hub for 'US interests' and their military and security provision across ...

more...- Posted on 2021 May 28


In-efficiency dividends: The anti-culture wars


Libraries, galleries and museums have been subjected to two per cent budget cuts every year since 1987. One-off belt-tightening might direct staff towards core objectives. Year-upon-year cuts take us to the frog in the pot of water on a stove. Long before the water boils, the frog dies. 

more...- Posted on 2021 May 28


Kick IAI out of Australia!


Less than a week after Israel was forced to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas following its vicious attacks on the people of the Gaza Strip, a leading Israeli military company has announced that it will open an office in Australia, and promote its wares at a weapons fair that is only a week away.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 26


Spotlight on Australian mining companies in Africa


As promised at the end of our article on PanAust’s proposal to open up PNG’s biggest mine, a survey of mining operations in Africa by Australian-owned and Australian-based companies is now available.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 22


Kath Williams (1895-1975)


One of the outstanding proletarian foundation members of our Party was Comrade Kath Williams.
Kath was born on the 23rd April, 1895, in a small town just to the north of Geelong. She graduated as a teacher from the Melbourne College of Domestic Economy in 1915. On 31 March 1917 she married Percy James Clarey, a young trade union leader. 

more...- Posted on 2021 May 22


Foreign Investment continues to pour into Australia


Australia continues to be a popular destination for foreign investment thanks to its stable economy, low interest rates and handling of the pandemic. 

more...- Posted on 2021 May 22


ICOR resolution: Condemn the Zionist aggression in Jerusalem and Gaza in Palestine!


19 May 2021
ICOR resolution: Condemn the Zionist aggression in Jerusalem and Gaza in Palestine!

The aggression of the Zionist state of Israel against the rights of the Palestinian people has residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem by legal means and by force of arms.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 22


Australian-based Chinese company encounters opposition in PNG


More than 40 clans along the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea have joined forces to oppose an Australian-based company and its plans to open one of the world’s largest copper, silver and gold mines.
It is the latest development in an on-going dispute which has been raging for over a decade.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 21


Morrison – don’t cook us with gas!


The federal government has been widely condemned for its decision to fund a $600 million new gas-fired power station in Kurri Kurri in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.
The decision is bound to boost the number of school students planning to take to the streets on Friday for another Strike4Climate series of rallies.

more...- Posted on 2021 May 20


Morrison budget and their business cronies: their values and ours!


Almost hidden in the small print of the recent Morrison coalition government budget lies an extra allocation over the next four years for the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC), a shadowy employer's organisation. The present Australian government, in addition, will also provide $10 million for reducing the costs of Award compliance for employers.

While the budget allocations were announced as designed to assist employers meeting their obligations, the opposite is a ...

more...- Posted on 2021 May 18


Solidarity with the struggle of the Colombian people! Stop the cruel fascist repression by Duque's government!


ICOR-Resolution, 14 May 2021
The big national strike "paro nacional" from 28 April and before that the signal of the week-long strike of the miners of El Cerejon as well as the gigantic and militant popular mobilisation all over the country managed to push back the anti-people, USA-affiliated government of Duque, the successor of the fascist Uribe. 

more...- Posted on 2021 May 18


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