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Israel gets a taste of its own medicine


Iran’s retaliatory missile attacks on the Zionist Israeli regime are a necessary and justified response to Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria two weeks ago, which killed 18 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 14


Museum workers lead action to save SA Museum


On Saturday 13 April about 2,000 people held a rally outside Parliament House on busy North Terrace Adelaide to protest about proposed cuts to jobs and research at the South Australian Museum. 


more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 14


CPI (Maoist) announces the immortalization of 50 people's fighters


The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has issued a statement commemorating the deaths of 50of the fighters of People’s Liberation Guerilla Army. The Maoists and other progressive forces are subjected to brutal attempts at elimination by the Modi saffron fascist regime. We salute their sacrifices-eds. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 11


Ants and Elephants: Middle Class relations with the Imperialist Bourgeoisie and the Working class


Australia is a capitalist country. 
Big corporates rule the economy, their key owners are overseas capitalists with American moneybags top of the heap. British bosses are next in line with Japanese, German, French and other European capitalists being joined by latecomer Chinese owners. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 11


Binskin appointment comes with a conflict of interest


The Australian government’s appointment of Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin (Rtd) to serve as Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Israel's response to the Israel Defense Forces strikes which killed Zomi Frankcom, and six of her World Central Kitchen colleagues, comes with a major conflict of interest.

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 10


Adelaide People Gather Round For Palestinians


Sunday 7 April, marked 6 months of fortnightly rallies and demonstrations in Adelaide in support of Palestinian people oppressed by Zionist Israel regime and its imperialist backers, particularly the USA.

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 08


“Grey-Zone” intelligence assessments and real-war scenarios


The US diplomatic response to credible competition from China in the Western Pacific and wider Indo-Pacific region has taken the form of an intensification of Cold War hostilities using grey zone-type intelligence assessments. They rest upon their desperate attempt to reassert traditional hegemonic positions, although remain fraught with dangers of real war scenarios for the US and their allies upon which they are increasingly dependent.


more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 07


As Australia aids Israeli genocide, Elders say it’s time to target Pine Gap.


While Palestinians are deliberately murdered and starved, Australia aids Israeli genocide, through Pine Gap near Mparntwe Alice Springs. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 07


Developers’ divisive dream: First Peoples’ lands to feed real estate bubble


Capitalism must constantly expand. Government decisions on when, where and how to develop Australia have always served it.
Brilliant new research, Unshackled , reminds us how 160,000 convicts created colonies and wealth here for British capitalists. On stolen lands. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 06


Haiti: for thousands of new Louvetures


Haiti is a country that has a rich history in revolution and has been an inspiration to revolutionaries across the world ever since the Haitian revolution in 1791, that roared until 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared independence of Haiti. 
Deeply inspired by the French revolution, in a French colony once called Saint-Domingue, the enslaved masses stood up and crushed their slave masters. Haiti’s revolution is far more significant today considering ...

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 04


On the introduction of supermarket security checkpoints


First introduced in mid-2023 to combat the rising number of incidents concerning shoplifting and what the talking-heads of the bourgeoisie have declared to be a sudden and unprovoked “rise in aggression” against their employees in Australian supermarkets, Coles’ and Woolworths’ anti-shoplifting programs demonstrate plainly the bloated and disconnected hubris of the bourgeoisie. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Apr 03


Philippines Constitutional change: lingering spirits and the ghosts of the past


Claims by political opposition figures in the Philippines that the presidential administration of Ferdinand Marcos Jnr. is conspiring to make changes to the constitution in order to enable the president to serve longer terms of office, are an indication of US foreign policy complicity inside the Philippine political system. 

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 29


MUA HERE TO STAY - supporting their members and the Palestinian people


The members and the leaders of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) are leading the way in working class action in support of the Palestinian people in their struggle against imperialist backed Israeli Zionist regime.


more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 26


US submarine visits not welcome and will never be “normal”


On Sunday March 10, the US Los Angeles class submarine, the USS Annapolis, arrived at the Stirling Naval Base in WA from its home base in Guam.  The date signified the first anniversary of the signing of the AUKUS arrangements. Rallies in Australia cities were held to oppose AUKUS.

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 24


A tale of two payments…


In the same week that the government gifted $4.7 billion to Rolls Royce in Britain to help them build submarine nuclear reactors, which we will then have to buy from them, the automatic CPI-based indexation of welfare payments will see the unemployed get an extra 97 cents a day.

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 24


AUKUS: Jobs diversion scheme


The $368 billion (and counting) cost of the AUKUS nuclear-powered subs folly was promised by Labor to create a 20,000 jobs bonanza. Looked a rationally, however, it is a massive jobs diversion scheme and a huge wasted opportunity for working Australians.

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 21


Transparency: who will the Australian Government listen to?


Will a US arms manufacturer have more luck than Australian citizens in getting some transparency from the Australian government?
Frustration at the lack of transparency surrounding decisions of the government is growing.

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 20


North American Indigenous people support Palestinians


In Australia, the carrying of the Aboriginal and Palestinian flags side by side has been a feature of many of the rallies against the Gazan genocide.

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 20


Poverty in Australia: more entrenched than ever


Some recent studies have revealed just how much the Australian working-class have lost in the past few years with rampant inflation which has undermined living standards. Lower socio-economic groups have been particularly hard-hit. While economists continue to discuss the likely causes of the problem, the seriously dysfunctional nature of the Australian capitalist economy would appear the likely outcome of being part of the imperialist globalised economy.


more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 18


The return of the Philippines puppet Mark 2


The recent visit of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jnr. to Australia for high-level diplomatic talks marks a return to the days of the previous Cold War now being played-out with the present one against China.

Taking place on the eve of the ASEAN Summit in Melbourne, the Marcos address to parliamentarians in Canberra was designed to act as a rallying-cry for a further escalation of diplomatic hostilities between US-led positions ...

more...- Posted on 2024 Mar 15


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