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US imperialism cannot bully the DPRK!

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Nick G.

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) unequivocally supports the right of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to develop weapons of deterrence in the face of continued threats to its existence from US imperialism.

So long as a handful of capitalist states headed by the major imperialist powers possess a monopoly on the possession of nuclear weapons, countries facing bullying by nuclear-armed states and threats to their right to peaceful development from those states, must have the right to weapons that can assist in safeguarding sovereignty and resisting aggression.

Like people everywhere, we abhor the existence of nuclear weapons.  They continue to hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of humanity.

Many years ago, the call was issued for the complete destruction and thorough prohibition of all nuclear weapons.  The then socialist People’s Republic of China led this call and identified the two superpowers of that era – US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism – as those with the primary responsibility for achieving that call. We believe in the continuing validity of that call and that approach – namely, that the primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament lies with those who possess the greatest numbers of nuclear weapons.

Nor must it be thought that Chinese “leverage” can cower the DPRK.  The Chinese admit that they do not possess any such leverage although their words and actions indicate their willingness to pressure the DPRK to give up its right to deterrence.

The DPRK is developing its own path to socialism.  We are not in a position to offer educated commentary on that path. But no-one has the right to deny that path to the people of the DPRK. At the least, it must be conceded that the Korean path to socialism has produced researchers, scientists and technicians with the education and skill that has enabled the country to independently develop the most advanced weapons of deterrence.

We reject the demonisation of Kim Jong Un by the capitalist press, the continual portrayal of the DPRK leader as “crazy”, a “madman”. It simply obscures the issues at stake.  It denies the history of US imperialism’s foul murder of millions of Korean patriots and revolutionaries during its war of aggression against Korea, its destruction of nearly every village in Korea by a greater tonnage of bombs dropped than was used by the US in WWII, and the continual threats of its so-called “war games” conducted each year, alongside its South Korean puppet troops and directed overtly against the North.

The current chief bully boy of US imperialism, Donald Trump, has even upset his so-called “allies” in south Korea by reassuring his US support base that military action by the US against the DPRK would only be fought on the Korean peninsula and that any deaths would only take place on that peninsula. Such contempt and disregard for the safety and welfare of the people of the peninsula, whether in the south or the north, led the south Korean chief executive to assert that "no one can fight a war without a consent from south Korea". 

Such outspokenness from an ostensibly independent “ally” led Trump to angrily respond that "preemptive attack on the north does not require an approval by south Korea". There is no need to counter-demonise Trump individually. He is not mad or crazy but simply articulating the logic of imperialism.

Beset by contradictions at home and abroad, US imperialism is the sole cause of nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula.  We must broaden the movement against US imperialism and lift it to new levels in order to safeguard world peace and protect the right of nations to independent development.


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