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Only Socialism can give dignity to human existence!

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Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista-Leninista 

1917 - 7 November - 2018: this remains the time of capitalism and imperialism and proletarian revolutions, the sparkle can explode in every moment and depends on human intelligence!

We, tormented today's pioneers of the future communist humanity in the 101th anniversary, remember moved the grandeur of the glorious and victorious Soviet Socialist Proletarian Revolution in Russia on November 7, 1917. We bow before the intelligence, sacrifices and heroism, unfortunately currently lost, of that proletariat that buried the old society of the robbers and started the construction of the new and superior communist society. Let’s unite the coherent Marxist-Leninist forces!

Domenico Savio, Secretary General of the P.C.I.M-L.

On this day of luminous memory, we communists never cease to be moved and bowed to the millions of women and men of the Russian proletariat which on November 7, 1917, under the supreme leadership of Vladimir Ilic Lenin and Josif Vissarionovic Stalin and after about 10,000 years of known history of humanity, assaulted and overthrew the decrepit, nauseating and inhumane capitalist social system, replacing it with the socialist one along the road that would lead to the building up of communist society. For the first time in history, political power was torn from the rapacious and bloodied hands of the exploiters and robbers of the workers and handed over to those of the labor and intellectual working class.

Lands, industries, banks and social infrastructures became the property of all the people, passed from the market economy to the collectivized and planned one, the exploitation of the work of others was abolished, the direction of the factories and offices passed from the owners slaughterers of human dignity to the workers, the land removed to the landowners, the notorious kulaks, was assigned free to the state farms and cooperation, the national wealth produced by social work was fairly redistributed to the population, the political power was exercised directly by the people at the various institutional levels, health care, education and professional training, the work guaranteed at the completion of the studies of each member of the community, the availability of a home for each family unit, transport accessible to all, social security, support for motherhood and every other need in life were secured by the new state and proletarian power.

For the working and popular masses of the cities and the countryside of the exterminated territory of Russia the dark times of the slavery of the landowners ended, the owners' right to property not only on land, banks and social assets, but even on women and men subjected to them, the uncertainty of work and the means of subsistence, ended, the privilege of study and knowledge ended, until then reserved only for aristocrats and landowners, exploiters and robbers of proletarian labor, the millennial collective drama of misery and hunger eas solved, ended the bloody imperialist war, the survivors in war returned to their families and occupations and the new socialist state promoted a policy of peace and cooperation between peoples, ended the differences in life between the inhabitants of the countryside and the cities and ended the humiliations of life produced by the politic, economic and social capitalist power.

A new era was beginning for the whole of humanity, for all the countries and peoples of the Earth, because the Russian socialist proletarian revolution had universal historical importance, it could extend over the entire planet if the proletariat of other nations - starting from those industrialized, where the workers had already acquired a class consciousness - had followed the path taken by the Russian proletariat. From this perspective in 1919 the International Communist or Third International was founded to support the communist parties of other countries in the difficult, but possible, work of political and social emancipation of class and revolutionary of the working masses of the other nations of the globe to prepare and fulfill the socialist revolution.

But things, unfortunately, have gone differently, not by the limits of the communist doctrine, firmly anchored to the thought and work of the great Masters of the international proletariat Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, not because the path of construction of socialist society and its progress towards the communist indicated by the Masters was wrong, not even because the strategy and tactics of fighting communist thought were inadequate to the enterprise or because the class enemy, or the capitalist system and its imperialistic expansion, had become stronger, fierce or even unbeatable, but because the proletarian forces - the working class in a particular way, that in the factory had the opportunity to forge the need of the proletarian socialist revolution to improve their living conditions by dragging behind the workers of the countryside and the tertiary sector - of other nations have not been able to assimilate the potentials and possibilities of revolutionary development arising from the 1917 Revolution in Russia, demonstrating a serious lack of capacity in the formation of class consciousness and the direction of the revolutionary process. Impressive were and, unfortunately, remain the limits of historical learning and conservation of the memory of past events, inability to analyze the succession of events and subsistence of the primordial evil of individualism, selfishness and lack of intellectual elevation through reading of the texts of Marxism-Leninism.

In the political and social formation of the working and popular masses following the victory of the Soviet Union over nazfascism and the death of Comrade Stalin in 1953 there is an impressive lack of learning capacity and practicality of the values of the class struggle, communist militancy, organizational and propaganda political work in the communist party of the working class, of the ideal and political passion in the struggle, of fidelity to the communist principles and class interests of the proletariat and of firm aversion to the bourgeois and capitalist class of exploitation and robbery of the product of the proletarian work. The lack of social class emancipation of workers is the basis of his millennial master ship's alienation. Otherwise it would not explain the proletariat's persistence in the class condition in itself and in the inability to become a class for itself. It is also a question of poor education, desired and maintained by the clerical and bourgeois state, and an uncritical formation of the human consciousness of individuals.

But why do workers men and women continue to become accustomed to the exploitation and slavery of the master class when they could get rid of them and live their lives better? The answer is, fundamentally, in the ignorance of the history experienced by humanity, in the easy loss of the historical memory of the past events, in the lack or limited knowledge of the scientific knowledge of the human race, in ignoring the hard class struggle developed between workers and masters over the centuries, in the lack of study of the texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, ie Marxism-Leninism, in being stuck in the idealistic and religious master culture and in the lack of knowledge of the historical experience of the national communist and worker movement and international, especially the last two centuries.

Therefore, in the workers who continue to support the social order and the clerical and bourgeois political power there is a serious lack of class formation, prevalently induced by the same social dominance of the exploiting class. We Marxist-Leninists also know that the emancipation of class workers can only take place through class struggle, militancy and political activity in the communist class and revolutionary party, there are no alternatives and it is the only highway from to pursue, also because without revolutionary leadership no victorious socialist revolution is possible.

Another negative influence on the masses is exerted, as well as by the bourgeois regime and culture, by the anti-communist forces within the national and international communist and worker movement, what are the revisionism of the communist doctrine, strategy and tactics in the class struggle to overthrow the capitalism and building socialism, are regime syndicalism, reformism, democraticism, electoralism as an end in itself, opportunism, economism, movimentism, pacifism, extremism, as an infantile disease of communism, egoism, presumption, ignorance of knowledge, etc. These positions are at the base of the enslavement of the working masses and popular to the harassment of the master power in companies and institutions of bourgeois society, indulge the illusions spread by the class enemy, lead to economic and electoral support to the bourgeois parties, corrupt the conscience class with the privileges opportunely made available by the master class and institutions of capital and induce the renunciation of class and revolutionary militancy in the coherent Communist Party of the proletariat.

The struggles between the social classes in the approximately 10,000 years of known history of humanity, the ideal, cultural and social orientations of the working and popular masses in the millennia, the victories and the defeats in the last three centuries of the workers' movement and of the intellectual progressive, the rise and sunset of the great Soviet Union, the socialism achieved in the twentieth century, the enthusiastic birth and then the inglorious end of the communist parties born of the Third International, the defeat, which we claim to be temporary, of Bolshevism and, therefore, of the Marxism-Leninism in the last century in the Soviet Union and in the European Communist parties of Marxist-Leninist matrix, the ignoble and shameful triumph of revisionism and opportunism survived the defeat of the bourgeoisie within the communist world, the betrayal and the vegan renegade and scandalous by communist leaders of the ideal cause and needs existentials of the millenarian suffering working class and the today's squalor for arrogance, individualism and rivalries that mark divisions and contrapositions in the so-called so-called class left, spread in the proletariat today the mistrust in the resumption of revolutionary processes that will lead to the definitive death of capitalism and imperialism and, finally, at the final victory of socialism on the entire terrestrial globe?

No, absolutely, because in perspective from the ideal and material point of view to the socialist revolution there is no alternative to save the planet from capitalist and imperialistic destruction in progress and to make the existence of mankind dignified. Naturally the challenge is neither easy nor predictable its developments, but it is a battle that at national and international level the working and intellectual working class can and must win in the interest of our satellite and its inhabitants.

But while we Marxist-Leninist communists suffer the present situation of weakness of the national and international communist movement in it already advances the birth of the new society, of which no one can stop its birth, because it springs from our materialistic conception of history and from the crisis in act and irreversible of the capitalist economic system. Valuable and difficult are the today and difficult work of formation of class consciousness among the masses and the resistance of true and consistent communists, who among infinite difficulties in companies and in society advocate the reasons of socialist revolution to get out of the current social malaise. It is not an easy undertaking, but of extreme importance to recruit new forces to our cause, to survive daily the economic crisis of dying capitalism and to face the forces that have always been hostile to us, such as the neo-nazi-fascist, sovereign and movement regurgitations of right and false left, which act as a screen, even military, to the survival of the rotten capitalist system.

Workers of the arm and the intellect exploited and tormented by any private or public master that will not be the bourgeois elections to change the situation of current social deep unease, because they do not take place to change the system, but simply to establish who should better manage the interests of the great national and multinational capital under the supervision of the bureaucrats and the repressive forces that guarantee their function. Only the socialist revolution can realize the passage of political, economic and social power from capital to labor, from exploiters to exploited, from usurious bankers to proletarians stripped of their earnings. Another thing is the possible participation of the Communists in the bourgeois elections with the aim of enlarging the class struggle in bourgeois institutions, also to try to improve the current conditions of life of the proletarian masses awaiting the socialist revolution freeing the suffering of the oppressed.

Faced with the above described situation of current social reality, the Italian Marxist-Leninist Communist Party dedicates the recurring 101th anniversary of the glorious Soviet Socialist Proletarian Revolution of October, in Italy of 7 November 1917, to the need for extreme relevance of unity, autonomy and independence of the shattered communist reality, such as circles and organizations, currently existing in Italy which refers to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and which works to prepare the socialist revolution in our country. A unity that can start from the immediate constitution of a coordination between all the available forces and with the prospect of building an organic unity within a single Bolshevik Communist Party, which also works on the front of the necessary proletarian workers and intellectual alliances to guarantee the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution.

All the current left and right movement is condemned by history to disappear, it will remain the triumph of the class struggle of the proletariat against the millennial and now anachronistic dictatorship of the master class, which today reached its peak and its implicit miserable end in capitalism and imperialism, the infamous and repressive system of mankind that has covered the planet with unemployment, discrimination, hunger, despair, tears and death. Those who do not react to such inhumanity, inequality and social injustice do not make good use of their intelligence and healthy human feelings that distinguish it from other animal species that inhabit the Earth.





Forio (Naples), 7 November 2018


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