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2021: Expand the Fight for Australian Independence and Socialism

Written by: Alice M. on 1 January 2021


Alice M., Vice-chairperson on behalf of the Central Committee, CPA (M-L)

Global capitalism is in a major economic, political and social crisis. The pandemic has exposed and intensified the irreconcilable contradictions of this brutally exploitative and decaying system.

Capitalism’s relentless drive for profit requires constant expansion giving rise to imperialism. It requires the seizure of more resources and markets, the intensification of exploitation of the working class, other working people and the environment. Behind the endless attacks on worker’s rights, conditions and livelihoods, the global climate crisis, and the health crisis stands our enemy – imperialism!

Rival imperialist powers and their multinational corporations competing for control of the world’s resources and markets are compelled to drive down workers’ wages and conditions worldwide. That’s what drives neo-liberalism, the relentless attacks on organised labour and working people, the intensified repression of the people, and is the cause of imperialist wars. It can offer no solution to the climate crisis.  

Of particular concern to Australian workers and even some sections of the petty-bourgeois and bourgeois classes is the increasing militarisation of our Indo-Pacific region, and the rivalry between US imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism (socialism in words, under Communist Party leadership, but imperialism in its actions). PM Morrison makes a heroic show, as a US puppet, of telling China that Australia’s sovereignty is not for sale whilst it has long been already sold to the Americans.  Outgoing President Trump delivers one of the US’s highest military awards, the Legion of Honour, as a Christmas present to Morrison and the other two main pieces on US imperialism’s anti-China chessboard, India’s Modi and former Japanese PM Abe. 

For working people, increasing repression is matched with the expanding powers of the capitalist state (legal, police and army). The New Year will see attempts by the government to take away more rights from workers in both precarious and “permanent” employment, and then move on to further attacks on unions. State repression of whistleblowers continues, including against David McBride who provided the Afghan Tapes to the ABC and thus uncovered the war crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan. Threats to the civil rights of the general public continue to come from Peter Dutton and others.

Today, more and more people are questioning capitalism; some are hoping the system can be made more “humane”, fairer and peaceful. That is impossible. The only genuine solution for the masses of people and the environment is ending capitalism and building a socialist society run by the working class serving the needs of the people and the environment, not accumulation of private profit.

Capitalism’s crises breed people’s resistance and struggle. The imperialist ruling class tries to take struggle and resistance out of people’s hands, divert it away from workplaces and communities, tries to keep alive the illusion that the problems can be solved through parliament, and divert attention from the capitalist system, the root cause.

In spite of the pandemic restrictions and lock downs, workers are organising and fighting back to defend their rights and conditions.

The central pillars of capitalism in Australia are dominated by the interests of US imperialism. US imperialism dominates and rules over Australia economically, politically, militarily and culturally through its corporations and subservient Australian puppet governments. This is why Australia is so integrated into the US war machine and why our government drives Australia’s relationship with China into the ground, despite China being our largest trading partner.

Capitalism and its highest stage of imperialism won’t collapse of its own accord. To end capitalism and imperialism in Australia means a struggle to end Australia’s subservience to US imperialism. It requires people’s mass organisations and conscious struggle for a revolutionary anti-imperialist, independent and socialist Australia.

Only a mass people’s movement and struggle in workplaces and communities can empower the working class and the people. The strength of a mass movement and political leadership by determined revolutionary working class organisation is needed to bring about a lasting and fundamental change for an independent and socialist Australia.

A new year gives us the opportunity to recommit ourselves to the struggles of our class and our futures. 2021 calls for organising, mass mobilisation and unity of the people against imperialist domination, attacks on the working class and the people, opposing the trend to fascism and imperialist wars, and the climate crisis.

Immediate tasks in front of the people include to reject carrying the burden of capitalist crisis (including Covid-19), to oppose provocations that ramp up regional tensions and add to the danger of imperialist war, to organise and fight for workers’ rights, for secure and sustainable jobs, to support First Peoples’ struggles and demands, and to defend public health and public education, aged care, the climate and democratic rights.

Our rallying call is organise and build a powerful and united people’s movement to fight for Australian independence and socialism. Join us in the struggle.

Join the CPA(M-L).

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