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US Forces “Get the Nod” – Whoever Wins Federal Election

Written by: Ned K. on 17 April 2022


This weekend’s "The Saturday Paper" has an interesting article by journalist Brian Toohey.

The article is about the United States- Australian satellite intelligence base at Pine Gap near Alice Springs. 

Toohey notes in the article the "growing importance of Pine Gap to the US." He refers to the "extraordinary growth" of the base. Initially it was a ground station for a single satellite to gather what's called signals intelligence while orbiting 36,000 kms above the Earth.

Now, according to Brian Toohey, there are at least four much more powerful satellites connected to the base.
"Their antennae automatically intercept everything transmitted within their frequency range. This includes a huge army of electronic signals for intelligence analysis, including text messages, emails, phone calls and much more. In addition, ground-based antennas at Pine Gap and other Australian sites intercept a vast volume of information transmitted via commercial satellites".

No wonder Whitlam got the boot in 1975. Just the mere mention about more control of the base by an Australian Government, far short of closure, was enough for US forces to do a job on Whitlam.

Now in 2022, according to the election campaigns of the main parliamentary parties, it is all the way with Biden as the danger Pine Gap presents to peace loving Australians is now far greater than in 1975. 

"Big brother is watching you" before and after the election - via Pine Gap and satellites all for the good of the US empire as it faces off with the rising imperial China from the East.


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