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War or peace, sovereignty or subservience, truth or lies?

Written by: Louisa L. on 22 March 2023


War or peace, sovereignty or subservience, truth or lies – these were immediate questions facing Australia, and the world, which brought over 400 people to inner Sydney Marrickville Town Hall.

The meeting marked 20 years since the invasion of Iraq, but the war drums beating right now were in everyone’s minds. 300 livestreamed the event.  

Speakers and audience targeted the US as the world’s greatest warmonger, with traitorous Australian “leaders” and a complicit media thieving hundreds of billions from schools, hospitals and every other service to the people, to fund submarines that wouldn’t defend Australia, but make us a wing of the US military, and a target for devastation.  

Former Foreign Minister and NSW Premier Bob Carr pointed out even PM Robert Menzies told our people and US leaders that Australia would not go to war over Taiwan, and that ANZUS didn’t require it. So a deeply anti-communist prime minister, on record before World War 2 as saying the Nazis were “a good thing for Germany and the German people”, is more left wing than Albanese! 

Two short statements from the floor show organisation is building. Newtown Labor Party Branch has condemned AUKUS and is reaching out to other branches. South Coast Labour Council Secretary Arthur Rorris said pressure against a submarine base in Port Kembla is growing. The May Day March will be held there this year. 

A full report of the meeting can be read here.



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