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Editorial - May Day Message

Written by: Central Committee, CPA (M-L) on 1 May 2023


On May Day we express our solidarity with the international working class in their struggles for a better life.

We think of the oppressed and exploited working people suffering from imperialist wars, poverty, disease and political, religious or ethnic repression.

We think of our comrades in other countries carrying out their revolutionary tasks in difficult, complex and often dangerous circumstances. We salute their victories and their martyrs.

When asked how people in other countries could assist the struggle of the Vietnamese people in the 1966-75 war against US imperialism, Ho Chi Minh replied, “Make revolution in your own country.”

Australian socialist revolution

Since our formation in 1964, our Party has taken up that responsibility and, based on intense on-going class analysis of Australian conditions, has developed a political program that sets out a path to socialism.

It targets the ruling class of corporate monopolies, big banks, insurers and finance companies, big miners and landholders, almost all owned or dependent on foreign capital, particularly US capital. They control all key sections of the economy and exert their political influence through subservient politicians and a tame mass media. They are the main pillar of capitalism in Australia. This is how imperialist domination of Australia operates, supported by the more direct intervention of US government political agendas and bribes. It threatens to drag Australia into another disastrous US-led war, this time with China.

Overcoming the hold this ruling class has over the Australian people requires a powerful mass movement led by the politically conscious working class and embracing the needs of all working people. In the process, the path to genuine anti-imperialist independence and socialism through revolutionary change becomes clearer, as control of key sections of the economy passes to the working class.

If you agree, join us

Our Party is small, but has some influence. And of course, we need more comrades and welcome any enquiries about joining.

The majority of our members are not publicly known, however membership is not passive; it means taking responsibility, taking initiative, collective study, and commitment to the working people. We rely on mass work among the people and supporting their struggles. We work with and respect all genuine people in the united front and mass movements. 


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