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Free Palestine! The National Liberation struggle of the Palestinian people is just!

Written by: CPA (M-L) on 28 October 2023


The massive offensive by Hamas forces, with numerous rockets, the breaking through the Israeli prison fence and the entry of Palestinian fighters into seven Israeli-occupied areas of Palestine on Oct 7, is the just reaction of a people who, for decades, have been suffocating under Israel’s murderous grip. 

It is an act produced by the ongoing crime of the Israeli-Zionist-settler state against the Palestinian people.

The crime is the transformation of the Gaza Strip into the largest prison in the world. Israel's fascists have driven Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants into conditions of unbelievable poverty and misery through a 16-year blockade. The Israeli state is displaying its brutal dictatorship and its moves towards implementing a "final solution" of the complete annihilation of the Palestinian people in its massive bombardment of houses, and apartment, hospital and other civic buildings in densely populated areas, heightened by its ‘total blockade’ of food, water, medicine and fuel.

The crime is continuous encroachment of Palestinian land by settlers of the Israeli occupiers with the effective blessing of all Israeli governments - "left-wing", "centrist", "right-wing" and in recent years "far-right" and openly fascist parties. The new crime of forcing abandonment of north Gaza under fierce bombardment strives to extend and consolidate land seizures.  

That crime, continuous, now accelerated and fascist, is ultimately directed at the expulsion of Palestinians from their land through the 1948 war of conquest, the 1967 war, repeated lesser wars and ‘incursions’ that led to the occupation of most of Palestine and the suffocating control of the rest by the fascist-Zionists of Israel, on behalf of and dependent on arms and funding by the USA.

The US has done all it could to plant a watchdog state in the Middle East to dominate the region and, to provide a platform for interventions to ensure its superiority in this crucial - geopolitical and economic-energy – crossroads.

Given the characteristics of Hamas, its illusions about some of the reactionary regimes in the region and its connections with others, this attack is also linked to Palestinians’ efforts to blow up the Biden administration's promotion of agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, by which the US strives to further "degrade" the "Palestinian issue".

Despite reservations about the disposition of the Hamas leadership, the depth of the preparation of the attack and the response of the occupiers, and, above all, the lack of those ideological and political elements of a communist orientation that could bring victory to the armed struggle, these developments show that, even if they don’t have the leaderships they are due, the people reject their chains! 

The Palestinian people have taken their armed struggle to the heart of the Israeli-Zionist settler state, exposing their own determination and rejection of genocide, while exposing the inherent weakness of their fascist-occupier. Oppression and fascist genocidal extension of their occupation continuously build and rebuild the Palestinian struggle for National Liberation, while exhausting the occupiers’ forces.  

This development multiplies the complications of the Middle East. The region has become a red-hot tangle of contradictions. Significant rearrangements have been taking place. Simultaneously with the events in Gaza, the Turkish bourgeoisie has bombed areas of Iraq and Syria for the umpteenth time, while its drones have been shot down by US forces based in the Kurdish areas of north-eastern Syria. Iran and Saudi Arabia, mediated by China, are trying to find ways to coexist (hence Biden's intervention), while Yemen continues to suffer the long-standing back-breaking war by Saudi Arabia and its allies. Internal contradictions in the Arab world have been tightened by several notches at once. 

The United States, joined by the European Union, accomplices and pillars of fascist-Zionist-settler Israel, and enablers of its crimes against the Palestinian people, issue statements of support and talk about the "right of self-defence" of the occupiers. The Australian government can’t echo US statements fast enough. Grovelling to the USA in supporting Israeli genocidal efforts, the Albanese Labour government continues - shamefully for every progressive person - the support of the Zionist-Settler state that has characterised every Australian government throughout the shameful history of Israeli settler land theft, dispossession and fascist-occupation.

Progressive people all over the earth, the oppressed peoples of the planet, are with the Palestinian David versus the Israeli-American Goliath. They are with the Palestinian people struggling to live with dignity in a free homeland against their fascist-Zionist conquerors who have been murdering them in every way and by every means for 75 long years!

The CPA (M-L) calls on all progressive organizations, every progressive collective, every progressive person, to defend, broadly and massively, on the street and in every corner of the country, the just cause and rights of the struggling Palestinian people to their national liberation.



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