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ICOR on the International Day of Environmental Struggle on Saturday, November 14, 2020

Written by: ICOR on 4 November 2020


We publish this call by the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR), to which we are affiliated. Different countries have different capacities, particularly under the Covid-19 restrictions, to carry out actions on November 14, but we note that Australians are rejecting the federal government's "gas-led" recovery and its continuing support for fossil fuels, as well as its determination to avoid setting targets relating to emissions reductions. And the Labor Party is little better. We support the basic analysis contained in this call, and draw attention to the important dot point demands at the end - eds. 


World economic and financial crisis, corona crisis and environmental crisis are demanding: Save the environment from the profit economy!
In the connection of the deep world economic and financial crisis with the corona crisis and the global environmental crisis, a race for the preservation of the foundations of human life is developing worldwide. The worst victims of the Covid-19 pandemic are mostly claimed where environmental pollution is at its worst, where people are crammed into miserable living quarters and working conditions and where capitalist exploitation is carried out with little or no health protection.
Contrary to all the imperialists' targeted propaganda of a "respite for the environment through the corona pandemic”, the accelerated transition to a global environmental catastrophe is clearly evident. 
All over the world, large forest areas are burning, the polar ice masses are melting, the permafrost is thawing and the rainforests are being cleared (slash and burn) at an accelerated pace for the maximum profit of corporations. 
In 2021, the Amazon rainforest, one of the "green lungs of the earth", a tipping point is threatening and thus its irreversible transformation into a steppe. At over 411ppm, the CO2 content of the atmosphere has reached a new peak, as did the temperature of land and water. The global average temperature has already risen by 1.22 degrees centigrade compared to the pre-industrial era, while the ruling classes are still debating over the non-binding intention of limiting it to a "1.5 degree target" in the Paris Climate Treaty. However, this means already accepting devastating consequences and is triggering self-destructive processes that should actually be prevented. Violent storms, inundations, aridness and drought are destroying millions of livelihoods and forcing the survivors to flee.
To mislead the masses international monopolies and imperialist governments fantasize about a "Green Deal" with billions of subsidies for international finance capital, or like Trump or Bolsonaro openly reject environmental protection. Neither this, nor green packages of non-binding promises will save the environment. With the basic line "environmental protection only if the profits flow", humanity will perish!
Mass struggles and even rebellion-like developments in some countries and the criticism of capitalism, especially among young people, are increasing. The masses need more clarity and organization! In the struggles against mass layoffs, environmental destruction, hunger crises and rightward development of governments, as well as in the protests of the Fridays for Future movement, the search for a societal alternative is growing!
The massive spreading of anticommunism is intended to suppress this debate, search and organization. The imperialists know that their destructive rule will be overthrown when the masses worldwide, with the perspective of socialism in mind, unite and fight for their future under the leadership of the international proletariat!
With reference to the Corona pandemic, the imperialists have postponed the 26th UN World Climate Conference in Glasgow by one year, to November 1-12, 2021. The revolutionary and workers movement and the militant global environmental movement have no reason to postpone their activities. Time is pressing!
As planned, ICOR will conduct its annual Environmental Day of Struggle on November 14th, the date of the traditional annual Global Action Day of the militant environmental movement. We call upon the youth, the workers, environmentalists and activists of the social movements: Let us set a militant signal together on this day:
in the struggle for jobs and comprehensive environmental protection at the expense of profits
for the enforcement of renewable energies
against the pollution of people and nature, against plundering and littering of the planet
against the destruction of forests and marine ecology
in the struggle for our democratic rights and freedoms, for the rights and protection of millions of refugees worldwide
against every division: Build together an international active resistance front to save the environment! Working-class and environmental movement together hand in hand!
mass discussion about saving the unity of humanity and nature, about genuine socialism as a societal alternative!
Determined struggle against the destructive environmental policies of the imperialist countries - only socialism and communism will ultimately make the solution of the vital environmental question possible.
Participate in the ICOR Environmental Day of Struggle on November 14th - worldwide!
Strengthen the ICOR and its member organizations!



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