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ICOR Communiqué of the Webinar of the United Front on Environmental Struggle on October 9, 2022

Written by: ICOR on 20 October 2022


We, the participants of the webinar on 9/10/2022 declare: We want to carry out the Environmental Struggle Day on 12/11/2022 as a worldwide, common day of action. 

In doing so, it should become clear and be carried among the masses: We are experiencing a new quality of transition into global environmental catastrophe. 

The huge instability of the world climate, the droughts, forest fires, floods, the lack of clean water, the contamination of agricultural land by conventional mining, the threat to our health by environmental toxins, the crisis of world food, the renewed expansion of fracking and nuclear power in the wake of the Ukraine War - all this has one cause: capitalism and imperialism.
It is the biggest environmental destroyer with its relentless exploitation of people and nature, its drive for maximum profit and its insatiable desire for power. Imperialism means war and they do not even shy away from a nuclear war to fight out their competition. Therefore we fight on this environmental fight day completely consciously against environmental destruction and imperialistic war!
Humanity has long since created a level of productive forces and science that could make work, healthy food, healthy environment, education, and housing possible for all people - if the tiny layer of international monopoly capital would not impose its profit and power interests on the whole world.
For this we have to discuss strategically: only a world without capitalism and imperialism will save people and nature!
Therefore we, the 90 participants of the webinar on 9.10.2022 declare our determination to step on the world stage on this year's environmental struggle day under this common goal and with powerful central and decentralized actions.
We will appear in Paris on 12/11/2022 with a strong, sensational international delegation. Paris, as the site of the 2015 climate summit that utterly failed in its goals, is a fitting, international city to do so. The ICOR organizations based in Paris and France are an organizational base there, supported at the same time by delegations from Europe.
In parallel, however, the focus is on the activities in the individual countries and places. We declare our will to hold decentralized actions simultaneously and with the same slogans in all ICOR countries and with the forces of the united front and to appear militantly. 
Decentralized means in metropolises and environmental hotspots of the different countries but also widely distributed in cities and countryside. Suitable for actions are places where the catastrophic state of the natural environment is particularly visible: melting glaciers, drought areas, forest fire regions, places and regions with dramatic floods. We recommend that the rallies be held as a tribunal and that those affected denounce those responsible.
We want to achieve a great impact in the area through protests, strikes and actions in companies, universities and schools, in the districts, on streets and squares. 
The security situation in Egypt due to the fascist Sisi regime does not allow us to appear publicly, militantly. That is why we cannot go to the venue of COP 27. We will express our solidarity with Egyptian activists in Paris and fight for them as well. 
Main slogan:
For an anti-imperialist environmental struggle - Forward to socialism!
Other slogan proposals:
No greenwashing for the fascist Sisi regime! Release all political prisoners - in Egypt and everywhere! #FreeAlaa
No colonial extractivism in Africa! Socialism is the solution to the climate crisis!
Active resistance against impending environmental catastrophe, against a Third World War, and against shifting the burden of crisis and war onto the masses!
Immediate shutdown of all nuclear power plants!
Banning and destruction of all weapons of mass destruction!
The only way to system change: revolution! The ICOR fights for the System Change!
No socialism on a dead planet! The ICOR defends life!
No rollback for the development of renewable energies!


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